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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dear Media: ABC I Have Snap Judgment for You and Whoopi Goldberg

Yeah? You know what Whoopi (and all producers of The View)? Your show is supposed to be a place for women to come together and hear perspectives of other women. Regardless of whether or not one identifies as a feminist, a community for women should certainly not be perpetuating patriarchy. Whoopi's comments and blind support of Cosby are so extreme and unsettling that its comparable to those in society who demand that President Obama is a Muslim terrorist because they haven't yet been given enough evidence to support the idea that he isn't. What evidence do you think you are going to get these many years later, Whoop? Do you think we might be able to find some DNA from a hotel room in 1967? Do you think the rapist has a video library someone might be able to dig up? Will you need 100 more women to come forward and give similar testimonies? I am disgusted by this blatant disregard for the rights of women and compel those who run The View to sincerely consider the voice you are sending to American women and the voices her big mouth has managed to already force off of the show because she is such a bully (ehem...Ive been paying attention and I am not the only one).

Whenever I have an opportunity to put someone in their place about 'supposed' domestic violence allegations, I gladly take it. I will always do the same for rape, too, Whoopi Goldberg. It is curious that these are the laws, both overwhelmingly perpetrated against women, which are acceptable to question the validity of. Just by questioning allegations, one not only negates the victim, her trauma and her safety, but also perpetuates the societal norm which implies that women aren't trustworthy and any violations against them will require extensive scrutiny whenever reported.

It pisses me off  whenever I have to deal with anyone who contends that we do not live in a patriarchal society. One literally has to forego reality to sincerely believe that. For nearly 100 years we have been unable to find 2/3 of states to ratify the ERA and one of our two major political parties is still working tirelessly to take our rights away as if our capacity to decide what to do with our bodies and how to manage our own families is just too much for us to be entrusted with.

In America it has always been acceptable, and even encouraged, to promote women as sexual objects, but at the same time it has always been absolutely unseemly and disgraceful for a woman to explore and express her own sexuality. Such was the case when Lisa Bonet, the actress who portrayed Bill Cosby character, Dr. Huxtable's daughter, Denise on The Cosby Show in the late 80s. I remember when he came out and publicly condemned her for having been in a movie called Angel Heart and doing a sex scene, but I wasn't old enough to see it in the theater at the time. I remember thinking it sounded like she made a porno by the way Cosby made it sound and was disappointed because she was my favorite of all of the Cosby kids as I identified with her free-spirit. I was too young to understand that I was in a patriarchal society, but Cosby wasn't, and neither was Whoopi Goldberg. That should've given her a clue about his ideas about women.

It is unbelievable to me that ABC is giving us a woman's voice that is willfully diminishing the place of women in our society instead of promoting us. ABC has had plenty of allegations of promoting contempt toward women in the past with lawsuits filed for discrimination in hiring and creating shows to display women as they 'truly' are: fighting over men and looking ridiculous on The Bachelor, back in the days of their understood and accepted subjugation on The Astronaut Wives Club and being backstabbing little minxes on Mistresses. Well done, ABC. Maybe you should just come out now and endorse every Regressive Party candidate running for any office anywhere. Its quite obvious your opinions of women coincide.


  1. I, too was offended by Whoopie's comments. I would like to say, though, that there is plenty of evidence that President Obama was born in Hawaii, including a biography by one of the most respected presidential biographers who went to every place that the President, and his Grand Parents and Mother, had ever lived.

    As for The View, I stopped watching when they hired Nicole Wallace, Of the Bush and McCain administrations.

    Whoopie's statements are totally out of line, and do not speak well of the program, which was never really the same after Meradith left, IMO.

    1. No worries, Anonymous! I know the President was born here. I was saying her assertion that she needed something to prove it was ridiculous, like those who think he is a terrorist. I agree. Wallace is a train wreck. Every time she gets on her high horse and talks down to people I say to the TV (no shame in that) "Please shut up. You gave us Palin."

  2. I have been emailing ABC about Whoopi since she took over! They let her Babble yell and complain but the others can't.. Rosie Perez can stand her ground somewhat.. But Whoopi is a big mouth no it all that does not know it all! I can not stand her any more!

    1. Jodi whenever Rosie O left (which I totally think was a result of Whoopie's tirade when the Cosby allegations came out initially) I said I would boycott the show and I have. I love Rosie P but she is now leaving too. They are keeping the one who is ruining the show. Then they will get the ratings they deserve for trying to feed her to America.

  3. The statute of limitations has expired on all of the rapes he committed!
    Where does Whoopi think he'll be proven guilty or not guilty?
    These 25+ women will never get their day in court for the rape committed by him against them. If there were only one accuser, he may have been able to cry innocence, but 25+ women all with the same story, essentially proves his guilt!
    Whoopi is whack on this issue!
    The only course of action some of these women can take is to sue him for defamation. When they came forward with their allegations last year, he and his representative called them names and liars. Now that the deposition has been released with him stating he did give drugs to women in order to have sex with them, they have a good chance of winning a defamation case.
    As for 'The View'...I can't stand them any more. After Meredith, Joy and Rosie left, they aren't worth my time.

    1. The statue is such a sick thing. Especially now that DNA is out there (and states continue to misappropriate funding to clear up the backlogged rape kits). Its as if saying, "Yeah. Rape? Not such a big deal. Im sure if a guy did it 7 years ago he won't be a threat again because he has probably decided to repent and become a useful member of society." Again ... crimes against women... no biggie. And Im done with the View, too.