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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My President. My Pride.

I feel confident that there are days when President Obama walks out of a press conference, gives a snarl and a glare to whomever he first makes eye contact with and grumbles indistinguishable sentences full of what may sound like very bad words as he walks to his next meeting. I think he had one of those press conferences today. Deep down, I believe he and the First Lady are a normal American couple. And I believe tonight when they go to bed she is going to get an earful of what a crappy day he had.

My day, however, was made better by his responses to the two inapproriate questions he was asked and his masterful approach to each. First came Major Garrett, a correspondent with CBS who I had respect for. Until today.

The second question came from White House Correspondent, April Ryan. During a press conference regarding the Iran nuclear deal, she came out of left field and asked a question no one could have seen coming.

I almost feel silly with the happiness my President gives me. I spend so much time following politics and ranting about the absolute nonsense coming from the right and the media. But, every once in a while, just when I need it, my President gives me an opportunity to literally cheer in my living room. And I will not apologize for being compelled to share my happy with you all tonight :)


  1. Michael Linus Pedersen. Love my president!

    1. Me too! :) I wish there were a chance for a third term.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Asa. He just really picked me up. I cannot imagine having his tact or patience. If Buddha was right, it will certainly be something for me to learn next time around because I am not going to end up with it in this lifetime. Im sure of it :)