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Thursday, July 9, 2015

White Lives Matter

The Fox cable channel with the word "news" in its title was so moved by the recent tragic waste of a young life that they had their little ass-kissing O'Reilly fanboy go all the way to San Francisco to speak to their Board of Supervisors. Jesse Watters asked them, "How many dead people does it take?" It seems to take quite a lot, Jesse. Either that, or your question wasn't specific enough and missed an all-important adjective. It certainly takes a lot of black people if we are meant to go by Fox coverage which still demands that the entire black community bears responsibility for the myriad killings by police officers. If you did forget the adjective 'white,' however, it seems one is enough.

I know its hard to make it out in the video, here is her picture. She was absolutely beautiful. 

Here is another photo of a beautiful face we lost far too soon to indefensible and horrific gun violence.

Fox news, however, had a completely different perspective on that tragedy. The explanation for this loss was quite easy to find. There is a reasonable and understandable explanation for this murder, you see, the young man pictured above "looked a certain way." 

Aside from the very important information as to the immigration status of the alleged killer in this story (who, curiously, does not seem to be alleged when mentioned on Fox or by the Regressive Party candidates), little is known about this case, so far. I think we can all be sure, however, that she had to have been wearing a hoodie, or she would still be with us today.

POST: No one need bother play semantics with my sarcasm as I am one who sincerely believes that, in fact, all lives DO matter. You can feel free to write me a book below. I will not waste my time with white trash, however, and will ignore it without reading. No Regressive is worth my time. You were the moron who followed a link to a site called "Mean Progressive," after all.


  1. Joyce. I am with you 100%. The Tea Party movement used brilliant propaganda techniques to tell the least among us that they are the best. And they like believing they are more moral and intelligent and hard-working. They have allowed their Bible to be re-written to promote war and hate and they are absolutely out of control.

  2. What is sad is that too many people who could change the make-up of the government will not go vote. if we could get all the Democrats to vote, the Republicans wouldn't stand a chance.