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Thursday, July 30, 2015

To Save Planned Parenthood

Have a moment with the information above. Imagine how many Medicaid patients in rural areas would immediately lose health care and cancer screenings if federal funding for Planned Parenthood were banned.

This issue is about women's health. Regardless of how many distractions we are offered or attempts are made to misdirect our focus, the necessity of Planned Parenthood in our country is profound. The millions of women who would completely lose their access to family planning and cancer screenings can not become irrelevant by those who mean to create controversies for votes. We must demand that women are more important than that.

Because the issue of abortion is a wedge issue and some of our politicians are presently trying to compel their base to rally support so they can get a spot in next weeks Republican debates, Rand Paul has determined to have a Senate hearing Monday to eliminate all funds to Planned Parenthood. They have allowed for hysteria to distract themselves and their constituents from the essential work that this group is doing. As none of the federal funds go toward the issue they are debating, it is insulting to think they would be holding a hearing to get rid of monies which are directly used to care for women and families.

My hope is for every thoughtful human being who reads this to take a quiet moments reflection on what our society is telling us when our legislators, those we hire to represent us and our needs, spend so much of their time trying to create laws to remove our rights and offer so much of their energy trying to take down a single organization whose sole mission is to care for the needs of American women. This all comes down to one issue. That issue is abortion. Abortion has been legal for 40+ years now. The majority of Americans support freedom of choice. Even many Republicans support that right.

This is the list of Senators who are a member of the Republicans for Choice, a group who believe that the GOP principles should embrace freedom of choice. Please reach out to them if they represent you and remind them what it means to be representing your healthcare needs.

Susan Collins of Maine: @SenatorCollins
Mark Kirk of Illinois: @SenatorKirk
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska: @LisaMurkowski

The Man who is proposing this bill has this on his fundraising page. Make sure that he and the companies united to support women in this country understand that Americans think that the nations objectives should embrace the rights of women, as well.

Please contact these companies today and thank them for making the health of women a priority while compeling them to contact the Senate and insist our government do the same.  Thank you.

If you contact the companies through Twitter make sure to use the hashtags #SavePlannedParenthood #WarOnWomen and #NOW as they trending and will make more people aware of the companies who support women's healthcare.

Adobe: @Adobe @AdobeCare
American Cancer Society: @ASCAN @Cancer
American Express: @AmericanExpress
Avon:  @AvonFoundation
Bank of America: @BofACommunity @BankofAmerica
Bath & BodyWorks: @bathandbodyworks
Ben & Jerrys: @BenandJerrys
Clorox: @Clorox
Coca-Cola: @CocaCola
Converse: @Converse
Deutsche Bank: @DBAmericas
Dockers: @Dockers
Energizer: @Energizer @EnergizerBunny
Expedia: @Expedia @ExpediaMedia
Exxon Mobil: @KenPCohen @ExxonMobil
Fannie Mae: @FannieMae
Ford: @FordFoundation @Ford
Groupon: @Groupon @GrpnGrassroots
Intuit: @Intuit @TurboTax
Johnson & Johnson: @JNJCares @JNJGlobalHealth
LaSenza: @LaSenza
Levi Strauss: @LeviStraussCo @LeviStraussFdn
Liberty Mutual: @LibertyMututal
Macy's: @Macys @MacyFoundation
March of Dimes: @MarchofDimes
Microsoft: @MSFoundation @Microsoft
Morgan Stanley: @MorganStanley
Nike: @NikeFoundation @Nike
Oracle: @Oracle
PepsiCo: @PepsiCo
Pfizer: @Pfizer
Progressive: @Progressive
Starbucks: @Starbucks
Susan G Komen: @SusanGKomen
Tostitos: @Tostitos
Unilever: @Unilever
United Way: @UnitedWay @LiveUnited
Verizon: @Verizongiving @Verizon
Wells Fargo: @WellsFargo


  1. Thank you. Sad that there are only 3 Republicans on the list BUT maybe one day there will be more, only if WE get out and vote.

  2. I literally get sick of these oppressive sanctions/attacks on our rights. I have some ties with a local congressional candidate, this was written for him. I am meeting with him soon. The links at the bottom are my typical, foul language blogs lol.
    (I couldn't attach the blog but it is called Mondays, Politics, and Yellow Footprints)

  3. I literally get sick of these oppressive sanctions/attacks on our rights. I have some ties with a local congressional candidate, this was written for him. I am meeting with him soon. The links at the bottom are my typical, foul language blogs lol.
    (I couldn't attach the blog but it is called Mondays, Politics, and Yellow Footprints)

  4. Thank you for informing us of this! Sadly, I have NO CLUE.
    I have reblogged this - copied and pasted this - on my blog at http::// so you know in full disclosure. I felt this SO IMPORTANT I hope you don't mind that I reblogged this. I HOPE we can STOP this from happening!!!! Just because everyone is supposed to have insurance out there due to the NEW LAW - WOMEN CAN'T AFFORD IT!! If my husband did not get paid what he does, WE would NOT be able to afford to have medical insurance. I don't know WHAT they are doing for the people who DO fall through the cracks? Like myself who has a very rare, 1 in 1 million people worldwide have this illness called Stiff Person Syndrome. It's AWFUL, but I MUST live with it. I have NO CHOICE! I cannot imagine NOT living with this now, unfortunately, you know?
    I HOPE our fight works!!!
    Good luck everyone!!!
    Come visit me at my blog at - a Book Blog, OR, whatever it needs to be, like for THIS!!! Planned Parenthood!

    1. Amen Laurie. This post was from a few weeks ago and the bill did not pass. Thankfully. But they do intend on doing this stupid thing over and over to get rid of Planned Parenthood. It is nothing to them. They dont care about womens health. They want to use it as a symbol for the people trying to get rid of abortion. It kills me how much time and effort they put in to trying to destroy a right we have had for 40 years.

    2. Thanks for letting me know this was from a few weeks ago - oh, well, at least I sparked interest in people so they SEE what is trying to be done. You are correct in that they have been trying to get rid of Planned Parenthood for FOREVER!! They just won't allow women to decide what WE want to do with our own bodies! There are MANY reasons for abortion, not just the, 'Oh, I don't want it', and even with that one, it's still GREAT to have it available because then we go back to the butchers of yesterday! Killing women, allowing them to practically bleed out and ending up being hospitalized for weeks, infection, and I could go on, but most people here know what the negative side of no abortion is. The other thing people don't like about Planned Parenthood is women getting birth control pills!!!! This is 2015!!! We've made FAR strides in OUR healthcare for WE women! Leave us alone and able to make our own bodily decisions, people!!! Besides, I don't believe the Supreme Court is going to change their decision NOW! I'm still REALLY GLAD I posted about this!!
      I apologize! I was going to send the LINK to MY article!! It's included with my weekly Bestseller in Books - Fiction as I have a Book Blog! Here it is:
      I hope it helps into the future!!!
      Thanks SO much!!
      LOVE your blog!!!