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Friday, July 3, 2015

GOP Congressman Promoting Imperialism. Still.

I am an Ohioan. We have been called a blue state recently in the news. I would love to live in a blue state, however, I do not. We might be leaning toward purple, but we are most certainly not blue. We have Boehner for Christ's sake. And Rob Portman *sigh*. And we have a Congressman from the district where I grew up named Bob Gibbs. He represents the Canton area. That is where you find the Football Hall of Fame. Many famous athletes and celebrities go there every summer for the inductions, but apparently that honor is not enough for Congressman Gibbs.

As seen in this Daily Show piece from last night, he and the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum believe that they speak for all Ohioans (and Americans?) when they demand that America doesn't acknowledge the original name Denali for the random mountain they decided to attribute to the former President. Honestly, McKinley had nothing to do with this mountain. Alaska hadn't even become a state by the time he died. But since 1975 when Ralph Regula was in Congress, those trying to have it acknowledged by its original name, Denali, have been denied.

We all need to appeal to Bob Gibbs and tell him that to sincerely represent Ohio he needs to focus on his disgraceful voting record of consistently trying to take away women's rights and Ohioans access to affordable healthcare, always caving to the NRA lobby to maintain that 100% rating, decimating our environment and repeatedly voting to stymie the progress of America by wasting time on bills meant to only distract voters and condemn the legacy of President Obama. Ohio often looks like a backward and ignorant state when we make national news, don't be our next embarrassment.

During this time when Americans are finally having an awakening about her history of legitimate oppression of so many and obliteration of entire cultures, it is offensive to think you would be battling those who mean to rename Mt McKinley back to its original name. Come on Bob! Your constituents have a lot of things to worry about, the name of a mountain is on no one's agenda. You were sent to DC to represent us, not humiliate us. Welcome to the 21st century, Imperialism is no longer accepted. Thanks.

Please sign this petition and forward to everyone who would like to see this one simple act of Congress to actually accomplish something positive.

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