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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Don't Feed The Animals

Its hard to live in this country where so much of our discrimination is institutionalized. Racism is ignored and defended as a right. Women have still been unable to get the ERA passed. It is legal in many places to fire someone for being in the LGBT community. Now, just two days after I posted a story to compel people to think beyond the rhetoric the Regressive Party is trying to feed America about hating those receiving welfare in an attempt to distract from the rampant handouts given to corporations (which far exceed those given to our citizens who are sincerely in need), the Oklahoma GOP was good enough to prove my point.

This brilliant comparison had been made by Regressive State Representative, Mary Franson in 2012. She, too, found irony in the Department of Agriculture calling for people to stop feeding the animals, which was creating dependency, yet the same Department Agency offered food stamps to the poor.

It was just in March when Alaskan Representative (R-duh!) Don Young determined it would be a novel idea to "feed them to the wolves" while arguing against the Interior Department having the grey wolf on their endangered species list. After asking how many people had wolves in their districts, he suggested:

They haven't got a damn wolf in their district. I'd like to introduce them in your district. If I introduced them in your district, you wouldn't have a homeless problem anymore.

Once each of these stories made the national news, those responsible for their release were forced to recant. It is repeatedly said in one form or another by the Regressive Party. It is not a misstatement. It is a misrepresentation. They are misrepresenting their constituents. They have been elected to represent those who live in their district. Unless they have zero in their district receiving aid, they have literally just shown sincere contempt for those they are supposed to be representing. And their contempt is for the fact that they NEED TO HAVE FOOD.

America, it truly is time that we no longer abide having those represent us and legislate on our behalf who cannot even pretend to give a shit about those who require their voice in lawmaking.

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