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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Let's Rein In The Women

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Today on A.M. Joy, Jehmu Greene said that the man who said he wants to 'rein women in' was Sam Ronan, who is running to lead the DNC. His entire narrative is a tiresome rehashing of the fauxgressive talking points during and after the primaries. He believes the left can be reformed if it determines that Sanders' entire mantra be embraced. The poor forgotten white man is still a central point. No, he never mentions the white man, he just says the failure of the left is having forgotten the working class. This, of course, was the same talking point Sanders used to draw the same misguided correlation.

The bullshit projected there and adopted by the media on the left is painful. I remember vividly last summer when Hillary Clinton was holding rallies in Pennsylvania about her jobs plans and MSNBC broke into her speech to see if she was replying to the fact that Trump had started a fight with Khizr Khan on Twitter. When they determined that what she was talking about wasn't remotely tabloidesque, they cut away from her rally speech and went back to the punditry banter over all manner of nonsense wholly unimportant to the working class voters, and everyone else.

Hillary Clinton had an amazing platform for the working class to raise wages, lower taxes, protect our unions, strengthen small businesses, and every other damned thing you would expect from a REAL Progressive platform. Thoughtfully compare that to Sanders' platform which was focused more on outlining the issues American workers face than defining any actual plans (or means of funding them) for progress.

Clinton traveled the country giving Americans her vision for our future and how to move forward. The fact that every American didn't make it to a rally to hear that vision is not her failing, nor theirs. It is the failure of both the media who found ad buys more enticing than our democracy, and the fauxgressives who spent their time demanding both sides were rotten and only Saint Bernard could save the world. Don't fucking get me started ... there is little chance I will ever stop.

ANYWAY .... Back to my point.

The same people who project the image of the forgotten working class white man are the same people who remind us that 53% of white women voted for Trump. Pause and reflect. If a majority of white women aren't voting as Democrats, isn't it just slightly indicative of an issue speaking to women? And why might that be? I would say if a fauxgressive who is seeking to lead the party spends time thinking out loud that women need to be reined in, we have found a good place to start our reflection.

Of course real Progressives want to move women forward. Of course real Progressives believe in income equality. Of course real Progressives believe a woman should have the ONLY say in her reproductive and family planning choices. But if our party can be hijacked by a group proudly led by a man who writes rape fantasies and can dismiss them as being satirical while ignoring women during the entire campaign, maybe the party has a lot more work to do for the women who are being condemned for not hearing the message. It sounds to me like they probably have. The message they hear is the message our society projects - women need to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. Women have all of the rights they need. And of course, women have destroyed the Democratic party. Do you think that's a stretch? Name me one Democrat who was maligned over the last two years who also has a cock. Thanks.

I will conclude my tirade by reminding you that most women on the left are what I call 'universal mothers.' You don't have to be a mother to be a universal mother. I sincerely believe it is inherent. Universal mothers are those of us who see every issue as a personal issue because they hit all of our children. We demand that the myriad concerns of true Progressives (those which the fauxgressives demand have been too distracting and alienated the white men) are all personal to us. We are fighting for LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, immigrants, Muslims, campus rape victims, education, disability rights, gun control, mental health coverage, climate change, health care reform, criminal justice reform, etc. These are the issues that America's children face. And America's children are all our children.

If someone wants to lead the Democratic party to a place where 53% of white women aren't voting against their own interests, it would be in the interest of the Democratic leadership to remind themselves, so they can project that reminder to American women, that ALL OF THESE ISSUES are a sincere and beloved facet of our party. If our leadership can spend time denouncing them, they can hardly spend their time reminding American women why these issues are so important.

Trust me, the white man will be just fine. I'm sure having had unchecked privilege throughout our entire history is very comforting and the idea of allowing others to move into the foreground is unsettling. The objective of a REAL Progressive movement would consider it their responsibility to better explain the genuine necessity of inclusion instead of finding ways to counter it. No single aspect of our platform should be hindered to make anyone else more comfortable. And this woman is here to tell you, any motherfucker who believes women need to be reined in needs to exit stage right. Immediately.

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Mean Progressive


  1. I would like to nominate "Mean Progressive" to run the DNC and perhaps run for President in 2020!!!

  2. I don't want to be Anonymous -- Catherine Beale here -- but all those dropdown choices spin my head in circles and I cannot figure out the correct answers. Forgive me.

    I don't agree with your position on white men and the working class BUT I love the way you say it and I hope you keep it up. It needs to be said. If we don't yell back, they'll never listen.

    Me, I want to understand wtf they see in DJT. So I listen and I do feel their pain.

    That doesn't make them right. It just makes them disenfranchised and abandoned, which the DNC done did. Now they have the RNC seizing on the opportunity to use them for their votes.

    The Left wing has a place. There is much to do. As long as there is racism, sexism, abuse and stupid Republicans in this country, there is a desperate need for bleeding heart liberals, of which I am one.

    So keep it up. I love to read it. Scream your heart out. Never stop.

    1. I think that the article makes quite a list of things showing that the Democratic party didn't abandon them. They just preferred the lies the other folks were telling them, such as mining jobs and heavy manufacturing jobs were coming back which they mostly aren't, and the ones that are coming back are not coming back in the same way and will mostly be automated. Hillary Clinton tried to explain that retraining, and different kinds of manufacturing that is harder to outsource are answers but they didn't want to hear.

  3. I am soooo tired of this 53% of white women voted for Trump. Let's get it right, 53% of white women women who voted voted for Trump. That means something. Clinton basically lost the white women without a college education, only 34% voted for her while 51% of college educated white women voted for her. Of the 58.5% percent of people who didn't vote 29.9% just didn't vote, the other 28.6% were ineligible to vote. The REAL news is education and class divisions among women

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