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Monday, June 15, 2015

Dear Media: There Are Terrorists Among Us

Terrorism is a very important issue in America. I know this because you tell me that. Often. I have been duly conditioned to fear the terrorists among us. I know that terrorists are those who mean to do harm to create fear, perpetuated for an economic, religious, political or ideological goal, which deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (non-military or civilians). This weekend, America had a terrorist attack with a shooting and ended with a bombing in Dallas. It feels funny to have to report this to you, as in truth, it is your job to report this to me, but as you have neglected to do so, I will ask that you please research this story and catch up on its details to report to the rest of America. We need to be mindful of the terrorists among us. Our media does a lot of work to remind us of terrorism. Sometimes it feels like it might be overdone a little, to tell the truth. But there are a lot of stories about terrorists that you neglect to tell us about.

I know that Americans spend much of their Monday mornings at work discussing the weekend with their co-workers. The morning shows have a lot to do with what people think are relevant stories. That is a lot of responsibility, isn't it? Or it is a lot of power? I guess it is important to differentiate that, huh? If you felt it was your responsibility to sincerely inform Americans about terrorism you should be pretty embarrassed about the big story you all missed this morning. If it is about power, then I don't suppose it is remotely important to you what any of your audience wants to hear about anyway. If we have to seek our information elsewhere, what is the point of watching you at all? Is it true? Are you really just a means of entertainment? If this is the case, you might as well start reporting lies and creating stories to give us like the Fox cable channel with the word 'news' in its title.

I did see this weekend that the terrorist in Texas was white. I also heard that he had mental health issues. That happens a lot, doesn't it? We never questioned whether or not the Tsarnaev brothers had any mental health disorders, but I am sure there is a really good reason for that which has nothing to do with any deliberate attempt to perpetuate the very narrow definition of a terrorist that Americans are beginning to misunderstand.

The Today Show did not offer us any news about the terrorist attack in America this morning. We heard about shark attacks on eastern beaches. You reminded us about the escaped convicts from the prison in New York and the cost of their daily search. You also told us about the pending Republicans entering the campaign today, as well. I was hoping, however, to hear about the terrorist in Dallas.

Good Morning America told us about the terrorist attack that was offered to us this weekend as supposition with a stranded airplane in Canada. Those on the flight were offered "little information" about what was going on. It was very curious, and even more frightening: It was an airplane! Maybe we were about face another 9/11 attack? I don't know because you literally offered us no information at the conclusion of the story. The fear was instilled, though. We are still worried about any pending attacks. But we did not hear about the actual terrorist attack in Dallas.

CBS This Morning told us about Jeb Bush and Secretary Clinton opening their campaigns today. We heard about the shark attacks in North Carolina and the escaped convicts in New York. We even were offered insights into the woman in Washington state who had parents that were white but had lied about her ethnicity on her job application with the NAACP. There was no mention of the terrorist in Texas.

I believe that if this terrorist had been from a nationality other than American or a religion other than Christian, this terrorist attack would have opened all of the news shows this morning. I believe that all of the nations news outlets would have sold out the hotels in Dallas for the next month to make sure they had a staff on call for any new developments in the next several weeks about any known associations or recent contacts the terrorist might have made. As a member of your audience who has come to expect that kind of coverage on terrorism stories, I would still like to know the answers.

The embarrassment of our media is an ongoing tragedy in our country. Outlets and journalists sometimes have to go through the federal court system to report on things that are sincerely newsworthy. Some even need to go to court to prove that they should even be allowed to call themselves news. Maybe because other outlets have been told that they have a freedom of speech to couple with their freedom of the press which precludes them from having any actual responsibility in what they report, all media believe it is acceptable for them to do the same. I am here to tell you that it is not. You are insulting the Americans who seek out actual information and the truths behind those stories. If we were desperate for nonsense, we would watch the Fox cable channel with the word 'news' it its title. As such. I imagine you are all defining your irrelevance each day. Well done.

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