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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Anti-Obamacare Nazi Propaganda

I have an anxiety disorder. Because of it I have panic attacks. I have never had a full out panic attack about anything political, though. Until today. I cannot even explain how it happened. A friend of mine in a group on G+ posted this video and I watched it. I began shaking. And before I knew it I was working to catch my breath. Sometimes when I type the words, "I just can't take it" they seem exaggerated. They really aren't. 

I am now crying. I'm so sorry to lay this all on you. It is so unprofessional to define my panic attack to you but I feel it is relevant, too. I have only just recently started to research Obamacare and its many Republican attackers. I knew I supported Obamacare and I had thought for decades that the fact that America is the only major industrialized nation to not have universal healthcare is quite telling of why we are so unbelievably fucked up as a nation. I have met some people on Facebook who are sincere victims of the Republican push to get rid of Obamacare. Their stories broke my heart and I am hoping to find the time it will take to really dedicate to an incredibly in-depth series on these tragedies. 

The millions of lives the right is jeopardizing by playing games with healthcare is heartbreaking. I cant think about it without getting sick. I am one of them and I don't even think about it. I can't spend time wondering what will happen if my governor, who happens to hate Obamacare, gets rid of our funding. I would probably be in full panic attack mode every day.

Since I started becoming more involved with social media in the last several months, I have had a revelation about the means by which those on the right are brainwashed into believing the absolute bullshit they do. It is astounding to hear them quote a rewritten Bible or history. They blow my mind. So I started researching their history and tried to figure out how this was accomplished.

I have always been fascinated by people and how they think. It was because of this fascination that I have been researching the Nazi propaganda and the Holocaust for about 30 years now. I have been struck by the profound commonalities. I wrote a piece in April where I compared the beginnings of the two movements and their propaganda ploys. The article is really long and one day I mean to break it up into several pieces. But I guess its saying something that it is only a comparison of the two and it is so long.

The group that made the bullshit video above is called Freedom Works. They are a propaganda group who literally spin every issue possible to the will of the billionaires who need the teabaggers to follow their agenda. Their web site isn't only just as hateful and devoid of any sensibility, it is a mirror of the tea party web site I found when I was researching their propaganda techniques and came across their spin doctor, Jerome Corsi. This Freedom Works site has different categories where you can select your talking point and then you can get all of the opinions you need by the professional bloggers for this Super Pac. Yes. It is a Super Pac. And yes, they literally give you your talking points. This site is an absolute revelation to me. It is, apparently, where the teabaggers get their rewritten history and contrived understandings of the Constitution.

I think all Americans on the left and even in the center who are also terrified of the extreme right need to be aware of their rhetoric so we can not only counter it in discussions with teabaggers, but with confused people who pay no attention and get their information from teabaggers. This shit cannot go on. I can't take it. I realize today's post is about as fluid as a brick and I sincerely apologize. I wanted to give this information to anyone who was looking to understand the propaganda you are up against when ignorant people demand that Obamacare is such an evil.