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Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Plan to Have the Flag Down By Monday

From every interview of the Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, it is clear that she has no compassion or understanding about the pain perpetuated by flying the Confederate flag atop the state house.

From this debate, her interest in removing the flag would only be compelled by the CEOs of the major corporations which call South Carolina home.

These are the top 22 large corporations in America which have a a major presence in South Carolina with a copy of their Twitter handles. You can also go to their Facebook page. You can send them a message or you can write them a letter. If enough people compel them to act they will do so. Their only interest is in maintaining their good name. And, apparently, Nikki Haley's only interest is in making these corporations happy.

If you want to forward a letter to Nikki Haley there is one here you are welcome to use.

By Monday, if these corporations are threatened by enough customers of a boycott, they will become involved. 

Please help in the effort.

Mean Progressive

Please also take a moment to sign this petition which is nearing 500,000 signatures if you have not already. The voices of Americans can be heard here.


  1. Where is the list of companies? The link to the letter to Nikki Haley is broken, too.

    1. Thank you. I apologize. I updated the picture. I didnt save it properly. The video works on my end though? This is the link

  2. By Bunnie Gronborg

    I know when I began to hate that flag. It was in the 1960s when the television was showing the racial struggles in the American south and that damn flag so loved by racists there. In 1967 we got married and then lived for three years in Columbus, Georgia while my husband was stationed at Fort Benning. That's when I really started to hate this flag and everything it represented.

    I've seen it flying proudly in rural Missouri and on bumpers across our state. I immediately judge the people living on those properties or driving those cars. I KNOW what that is saying about what is in their hearts. It makes me immediately angry when I see it and has for years.

    You see it on goddamn bumper stickers, flying in yards, on t-shirts, on license plates, on cups, on baby clothes and everything else. When I see it on the t-shirts of children, I want to throw up.

    But the worst place to see it is over a government building, and especially a state capitol. South Carolina and Mississippi fly it proudly. The state of Georgia, btw, actually has it as a clever border on their state issued license plates.

    Don't even try to school me on the flag's history. I KNOW it's the battle flag of N.VA, etc. I KNOW it represents part of the history of our country. But I also KNOW that racists in every single state, especially the south, display it as a way to telegraph their feelings of white supremacy. It stands as a symbol of treason and secession.

    Don't say "states' rights" to me....that's bs garnish on a deflecting word salad. It's bs because that's not what that flag symbolizes today. We KNOW what it stands for today, and we KNOW that racial hatred has come to a boil in our country since President Barack Obama was running for office in 2008 and Sarah Palin made stupid and evil speeches about him being "OTHER". This racial divide is not his fault. We KNOW it. It is the fault of Teapublicans, their candidates, their politicians, their party leaders, and their mouthpieces....Faux and a number of racist radio hosts that feed and feed and feed hatred and division.

    So, people have the freedom to speak what they want and wear what they want, but states should not be flying this flag. It should be relegated to museums, not the statehouses of our country. I say let these states that do fly this flag on public property LOSE THEIR FEDERAL FUNDING.

    TAKE DOWN THE FLAG, South Carolina. It is a bald-faced insult to the people killed while they were in church this week. You have disrespected the dead, just as you disrespect your citizens by choosing to fly this symbol of hatred.


  3. It's a rag that is only connected to violent racism, social bigotry and treason. TAKE THE STINKING THING DOWN and don't forget to burn it.

  4. Oh White Trash. Sorry. I've decided to disavow your voices from now on. Your willful ignorance is not my problem.