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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mike Huckabee Still Hates the LGBT Community

So many glorious revelations are being had in American society today that it is almost hard to believe. When I had my daughter 23 years ago I hoped that when she grew up we would have left racism, bigotry and homophobia behind us. We are all still working on them, unfortunately. But we are also seriously working on them. The Black Lives Matter movement is being heard. The feminist movement is losing its stigma. And the LGBT community is finally being embraced for being actual human beings just like the rest of us.
It was telling when Caitlyn Jenner was on the front page of Vanity Fair just how far the LGBT movement had come. Every single (creditworthy) news outlet supported and celebrated her freedom. What was more telling, however, was the fact that the media had also found a nasty piece of video where Mike Huckabee told his congregation (what was that shit, a sermon?) that we are 'under threat' by those who are transgender in society and the media made him accountable for having said it.

Huckabee gets away with a lot that the media refuses to cover. But they nailed him for his nasty remarks and all of the other candidates on the right were similarly held accountable for his hateful rhetoric. Only Lindsey Graham was supportive of Caitlyn's transformation. Huckabee had to backtrack a bit and say that it was last year. Ok Mike. So, what? You have had a revelation in the last year? Its possible. Right? We all evolve.
But not Mike Huckabee. This was on his Facebook page just last night. We all know that the right has determined President Obama is responsible for absolutely everything. When they are on the campaign trail, all GOP candidates find the most creative ways to bring either the President or Secretary Clinton into the discussion. Last night Huckabee, in what seemed like an effort to condemn the Obama Administrations military preparedness for Isis, found a way to slam the LGBT community, too. He sure is creative, huh?


Let us not offer him a chance to slither out of this one. Please pass this on.

Kiss Kiss,
Mean Progressive :)

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