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Friday, June 26, 2015

Are Temper Tantrums A Good Campaign Strategy?

Not gonna lie ... I cannot think of a single physical torture anyone could lay on me that would make me vote for a Republican. However, just watching from the outside, I feel confident that I would not vote for a Democrat or Independent who behaved the way those on the right have behaved this week. What must those in the center be thinking? Honestly!

This was the headline on Mike Huckabee's blog today where he railed over SCOTUS' decision on marriage equality. So, ummm... if you were, say, President, and you decided to resist and reject the judiciary, wouldn't that make you a tyrant? Moron.

He said the court was out of control yesterday, too. When they upheld the Affordable Care Act (say those three words in your head - wonder why they needed to give it another name?) he just wanted to lose his mind. This Christian will not abide living in a country where everyone has access to affordable healthcare. God. Dammit!

Ted Cruz had a fit yesterday, too. He, along with the rest of the GOP hopefuls, cannot interpret what the court ruling said. They all believe that they are going to be able to get rid of Obamacare. Never mind what they said in the ruling. No. Really. You have to have something to rail about, right?

Teddy hasn't commented yet on today's ruling. But last week he did tell a congregation, oops sorry, I mean conference attendees, "I would encourage everyone here to be lifting up in prayer the court that they not engage in an act of lawless judicial activism." So I assume he will be upset. Dick.

Bobby Jindals reply to Obamacare being upheld is almost comical. Its comical in the way that I like to laugh at people who are really assholes and say nonsense, not like a funny joke or anything. He was really pissed off because the Supreme Court didn't take away healthcare from millions of people based on semantics. Jindal demanded that the Supreme Court does not have the final say in the land . because ... yeah.

Of course, Mister Christian was all aflutter over SCOTUS' support of marriage equality today. It is curious. Im not kidding. I cannot have a rational discussion with someone and come out of it understanding how in the FUCK your religious liberties are diminished by another persons happiness.

I don't want to bark too loudly. Maybe they don't realize what they sound like to rational people. I just hope enough of them are paying attention. Good Gravy!


  1. They don't care and are so wrapped up and secure in their golden palaces they don't get it.

  2. The Republican Party was born out of the KKK and conservatives within the Democratic Party at the time of the Civil Rights movement. They embraced the American Nazi Party and numerous hate groups. The Democratic Party regrouped and held sway in the North East and West, where there base continues. The New Republican Party took the South and parts of the midwest, from Kansas and Missouri to Iowa where racism and hated existed then and to this day exist, While the racists evangelical extremists and theological tyrants continue in Iowa (VanderPlatts who threw out the Supreme Court judges would not rule against same-sex marriage, Governor Terry Braindead would cave into rich donors) and Kansas and Missouri, a small number turned to civil rights and human rights, but the south with Texas and Louisiana became entrenched in rogue politics with the defeat of Ann Richards and soon entered the cabal of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and held onto the bellweather Florida, dumbing down education, elevating a 3000 year old Bronze Age book as the source for science and education died. It is against this empty background that Southern Baptist cult grew and vomited Huckabee, Perry, Jindal et al. This helps explain the open hatred for personal liberties, discrediting the Supreme Court that had ruled in their favor with such Neanderthal judgments (such as Hobby Lobby, etc) that the scorn for it as it inched to a more subtle form of liberalism as born. The religious leaders in the south that either self-styled or poorly educated in Southern Baptist seminaries feel like Old Testament prophets and assume that role to rule a quasi-plutocracy. It is impossible to change them, education is of no avail, and there disease is spreading as seen in the attacks on labor, educators, and more by Walker (WI), Rauner (IL), Branstad (IA), etc. They were brought to the foreground by those who did not vote, They waited for an ancient god to open the faucets to riches, and when they saw there was no golden stream it was too late. C'est le vie!