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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Tea Party Spin Doctor

Good Gravy. As much as I try to figure things out, I haven't had a revelation that will make me accept the Tea Party's existence or relevance in my world. Once my brain gets stuck on trying to understand something, I can't let it go. (Hence my 30 years research on the Holocaust, as if maybe the next book or documentary will ever make it logical). My "why" and "how" circle is still going. Round. And Round. And Round. Poor, Angie ... Indeed!

When I was working on my Nazi propaganda blog, I had one question in the back of my mind, "Who is the Tea Party spin doctor?" (God I hate to insult the band. Sorry!) Who is their Goebbels? But that blog ended up being so long that I didn't take the time to look into it. Boy was it easy to find once I started this piece, though. All I had to do was go to the "media" section of the Tea Party website and find a disgusting creature named Jerome Corsi. Does the name sound familiar? Take a minute.

He was a swift boater! He co-wrote the book and created the conspiracy. He was paid many millions of dollars to do it. That was one of the many times he has been discredited. So, if you are ever on social media and come across a teabagger and, inevitably, you read something that makes your eyes bulge; or if you are condemned to one holiday per year at the same table with a cousin who monopolizes the conversation the entire day while you receive constant glares from your mother of, "Be respectful," while shaking your head with an open jaw thinking, "Nu'huh, no one really thinks that, right?" Yes, they do. And this is where they got it.

After the ruination of John Kerry, Jerome Corsi briefly ran for the 2008 presidential race with the Constitution Party (this idea literally made me shudder). He dropped out early and moved his focus on to then Senator, Barack Obama.

Have you ever wondered where this shit about the birth certificate came from? Yep! This creative provocateur was the one who came up with that glorious distraction which those blinded by hate followed behind. Of course, any thinking person had a quick giggle and moved on. When the state of Hawaii verified his natural heritage as an American, through their Republican governor, Corsi explained that it was a cover-up. He never found the source of the cover-up, but that's only because, he decided, the conspiracy of the Obama legacy had beat him to it.

This Corsi also offered us the theory that President Obama was a Muslim. He later told people who were willing to listen to him that President Obama was actually gay and had long been secretly married to his gay lover, with Michelle Obama just serving as his beard. He also started rumors during the President's first campaign that Obama was planning to put all of his critics in jail if he won and that he was planning thought education camps for whichever of the Americans were allowed to live after his pending reign began. As much as a rational person can laugh this all off, remember that plenty of people believed him. And they still do.

This man, before becoming the head propagandist for the Tea Party, was a vehement spewer of terrible slurs against women, people of color and Muslims. He has been recorded even in the last few years on a right wing radio show where they were discussing the way the Jews are ruining the country and are "athiests" in their hearts. (Don't tell the teabaggers, they are so confused about their loyalties to Israel already).

It is clear that the "brain trust" behind the message is absolutely insane. Im not even trying to be rude here, but now I understand why I have never been able to wrap my mind around how anyone could possibly think what they do. They are sheep, I realized that a long time ago. They will believe and do what they are told. But the message itself is coming from someone who is clearly out of his mind.

I have explained that hate and fear are their biggest tools. The faithful followers have been conditioned to hate the Muslims, the gays, people of color, women who hold any authority, the over-educated, and President Obama along with any who he has appointed. They have a sincere fear of Obama ruining their nation, taking their guns away, offering black people freedoms that others lack, taking away rights of Christians, allowing gays to get married, the fear of a Muslim invasion, etc. Their fears never seem to end, really.

Fear is this propagandists favorite weapon. Once fear is permanently instilled, hate can always be justified. War can be justified. People can be easily convinced to vote against their best interests if you continue to barrage them with stories to perpetuate the fear. Of the literally hundreds of stories posted to the Tea Party web site just this month, all are directed at focusing on the fears they have created for their following. There are no stories of positivity. There are no stories of triumphs. And there are no stories of what their leadership plan to do to help move America in a better direction if given the opportunity to alleviate these fears which they have so masterfully planted in the minds of their followers.

Please ask yourself if a legitimate political movement in America today should really be able to use this type of obvious rhetoric to manipulate their followers. In fact, go to the DNC site.  You might find a couple of things about opponents on the right, but you will also find many stories of triumphs of legislation they were able to pass and the people who have benefitted from them. You will also find the list of ideas that the left would like to be able to implement.  And, most importantly, you will find positive messages about what America is today and what she can become.

I can actually hear my mom in the back of my mind saying, "Oh, Angie. Now that can't be true." She would never believe that any of this could be true. She is a rational person and would think I certainly must be exaggerating. So for the remainder of my blog I will just post to you their most recent headlines. If I am wrong, please go to their web site and check for yourself and offer me any reason why these are the only messages they are being sent.  While there, kindly note that each article cited is from a "news source" you have never heard of. The group who constantly condemns the media for having a liberal bias, has their very own media. This media offers them their very own statistics and data, which coincidentally, are always able to confirm whichever insane idea they are trying to convey.

Each story is categorized to be archived with like articles. This enables someone to go check out their favorite topic and get every single talking point they need for the day. Each category has a very obvious bias toward creating and maintaining fear. I feel confident that anyone who is not already lured into this trap will see them quite clearly. And, furthermore, will finally begin to understand how and why these people are so screwed up.

America Divided 
(divisions the Tea Party created)

Invasion USA 
(you know, the immigrants!)

Global Insecurity
(because Obama wants to destroy America)

Second Amendment
(they're coming for your guns)      

(where America's only corruptors are named Clinton)

(they want to take Christianity away)

Obama Nation
(how he is ruining America)

There are many other creative categories with obvious bias: Benghazi Gate, Climate Craziness, Media Bias, Life with Big Brother, Obamanomics, etc. I just couldn't commit myself to going through any more of them for fear that I may actually end up having to commit myself. (I am adorable, thank you for noticing).

I want to direct your attention to the very first article I cited above. It was called "Michael Savage: Police Brutality in Reverse." Savage is an absolutely corrupt and hateful monster. I put him on the level of Limbaugh. Please note below that just last week he was trying to make his loyal fans (and the Tea Party website was trying to make sure no one missed it) that "a group of communist vermin rioted on the Brooklyn Bridge [and] attacked the police." He then went on to warn that Hitler, too, used street violence. He concluded that Obama had a similar plan as Hitler did with his Brownshirts. (They were used very early on in order to manipulate the fears of the country and, basically bully anyone who might oppose Hitler). And this shit is why when someone writes a thoughtful comparison about Nazis (wink), they are immediately dismissed. But, remember, the Tea Party followers will eat it up. Every single bite. And they will beg for seconds.

Okay. So, now you understand. And remember, these are the most recent headlines. Any thoughtful person would see any of these headlines and think, "Wait? What? That can't be right!" and head off to Google and find that no credible media outlet has mentioned anything remotely like what they had just read. The Tea Party has created a following who go nowhere else for their information. And that is why they have such a hard time assimilating into society. And that is why the rest of society thinks they are certainly being punked and cocks their head around to look for Ashton Kutcher when they end up in a conversation with one of them.

Through this blog today, I am mostly speaking to the Americans who don't go out to vote. I am speaking to people who think that one vote doesn't count. Or believe that both sides are the same. I am here to tell you that your vote does, most certainly, count. When you don't show up to cast your vote, theirs becomes stronger. And I think if you compare the rhetoric from both sides, you will find a glaring difference between the parties. Do you want to have America led by people whose sole agenda is to perpetuate the lies and hate the Tea Party have been disseminating?

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