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Monday, May 4, 2015

Sharp Right Turn ... Off a Cliff

Its easy to laugh at the myriad of nuts on the right identified as Tea Party members who are declaring their candidacy for President. It is fun to call them a clown car. Its even more fun to visualize this joke of a group dressed as clowns fitting into the clown car. Right? LOL. But you have to wonder ... what is this all about? If they are all identifying with the Tea Party and they are all professing the most ridiculous ideals, who is letting them all loose on America at once? And why?


It is fun. Really. A few weeks ago as I looked at the field of actual clowns the Tea Party were getting ready to unleash on America I thought it would be a great time to watch them self-destruct. I remembered that, first and foremost, the quality any Tea Bag representative needs is a huge ego. I thought the reason they were all coming out from the gate was because the "Me! Me! Me!" occupying each of their thoughts was denying them any means of contending with the idea that they would all be able to cancel each other out. But then I started wondering ... How can the benefactors of the party let this happen?  They are, after all, the only ones who have an actual say in what or who the party promotes. The entire message will be displayed for 18 months all over the country and their message and, thus, their movement, will quickly become illegitimate. Or are they thinking each of them will offer a different appeal and draw in a new targeted group of Americans?

After 2012 the GOP determined that they needed to make their platform more accessible to a broader audience as they realized they had lost because of the women, black and Latino voters. And because they are so intellectually lazy, it looks like they have created their answer. They couldn't be bothered to create a platform that would be more accepting of women or people of color, but they could sure as hell put a few of them out there on the stump to represent their party. That is always where the GOP fails. They are used to speaking to those who are less thoughtful and who don't want to think for themselves. The reason the rest of us don't fall for their shit is because we have the capacity for critical thinking. And the GOP absolutely refuses to learn that lesson.

So, by coupling their arrogance with their ignorance, they shove out Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and TWO Latinos - Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz! Well, there you have it! "See? We support you people." (I am adorable, and I appreciate you noticing). We are, apparently, supposed to ignore the fact that their platform is still misogynist, racist and condemns immigrants.

But Ben Carson is a pediatric neurosurgeon. Yes. And he's black. So there's that. Those are his qualifications. Carly Fiorina was a CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She came out today and told us that she understands how the economy works. Indeed. As the CEO, she laid off 30,000 American jobs and sent them to China. So. Yeah. Those are the two candidates the GOP has decided to counter the "black guy" and the "woman" on the left. Lest anyone forget, they are still telling the rest of us  that President Obama had no business being elected because he lacked experience. And while demanding, even today, that Secretary Clinton (note the title "Secretary" having prefaced her name? It means nothing. Really) has no experience. The fact that they were both Senators, too, seems to offer less gravitas than being a neurosurgeon or condemning tens of thousands of American families to unemployment.

But, don't forget, they are offering us two Latinos, too! Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are up and comers in the Tea Party. And they have experience! They are both US Senators. They have exactly as much experience as then-Senator Obama had in the Senate. But, if I am not mistaken, we are not supposed to notice that. We are also not supposed to be paying attention to either Rubio or Cruz's voting records where they have repeatedly voted against American jobs and veterans and for the big corporations who sent them to DC. I'm sure they would be more thoughtful about their responsibilities to the rest of us if given the opportunity to be President, though.

So I have to ask myself, what is the objective here? No thoughtful leader or leaders would parade this freak show out to the American people without an objective. And then it hit me. And then my heart sank. They know how to condition people. They know that if you repeat something often enough for long enough it will sink into the subconscious of the audience and it will eventually become accepted. They want these jokers out there on every news show spitting their rhetorical nonsense. Because Americans will be used to hearing it by next year. Americans will accept that this is the direction the country is going. And Americans will gladly accept whichever top clown the Koch's offer up for the general election (Scott Walker). Oh God. I joke about it all of the time, but if our country slips any further into the abyss of complacency and ignorance that has brought us this deep into the dark chasm of the teabagger ideology, I will self deport. I totally will.

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