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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sit Down. We've Got This!

We live in a misogynistic society. You have to literally be developmentally challenged to not realize that. It was a common question to ask, "I wonder what she did to deserve that?" when Ray Rice was seen knocking out his girlfriend. Because, you know, sometimes a woman needs to know her place. We are still fighting to get equal pay in America and then being told we are whining to discuss it. We have a woman running for President and it is considered an appropriate question on every news channel to ask about whether or not she should run because she is a grandmother and might just prefer playing with the baby instead. If America is to progress in a meaningful way where it is respectful to, and accepting the equality of, women, it has a long way to go when women are still finding obstacles in defining their own place in society.

Corporations are presently being offered a voice in what is deemed acceptable for women. The infamous Hobby Lobby debacle is a wonderful example of that. Hobby Lobby cited that they shouldn't have to allow a worker to receive birth control with the insurance they provide because it was against their religious rights. A company, apparently, can have a religion. Who knew?

Wal-Mart, a well-known bastion of ethical superiority in American culture has recently decided that they would not sell a soon to be released book by UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey, titled My Fight, Your Fight. Wal-Mart cited that the book was too violent. The cover art is a close up picture of the author with only her eyes showing above her wrapped fists. The picture is certainly not violent. It's actually pretty bad-ass. The story inside is an autobiographical reflection of her upbringing and overcoming odds to make it to winning in the Olympics and then having a successful career in the UFC. I guess the fights in the book may be violent. You can, of course, buy video games of UFC fighting, or movies showcasing the ultimate battles of the UFC. Wal-Mart even sells a book about the rise of the UFC. And, we need not forget, this is a great place to stock up on your weapons and ammunition. But, somehow, an autobiographical piece about a woman showing a lifetime of struggles and triumphs with an eventual ascendancy in a male dominated career field was deemed too violent for their sensitive customers. After a lot of controversy surrounding this choice, Wal-Mart decided that they would sell her book, but only on line where no one could see it on the shelves in the store. But as a thoughtful consumer, you could also go absolutely anywhere else that sells books. It is not available until May 12, but you can pre-order her book here.

American women are still trying to have the final say in our own health care. In February of 2012, Congress held a hearing over birth control access and the entire board was made up of men. There are plenty of women in Congress who could've been invited to sit on the board, but they were not. These males meant to be representing the women of America in Congress decided they would only invite clergy to testify. Male clergy. They were not determining the best means of ensuring this health care option for women, they were determining if those women might be infringing on someone else's freedom of religion by using birth control. Glorious!

Recently, Mike Huckabee countered the idea of the GOP waging a 'War on Women' by telling us that it is really a 'War for Women.' Well that's certainly generous, Mike! How so? ... He explained that they are fighting to redefine women as they had been. You know? Back when he was comfortable with their place in the world. It is very hard for him to handle this era where women are allowed to wear what they want, say what they want, work where they want, be in leadership positions, procreate when and if they want, and from his many tirades of the past, I would assume he has had this problem since 1973, at least. When he was governor of Arkansas, Huckabee went out of his way to personally deny the states payment of a Medicaid claim to an abortion clinic where a 15 year old had gone after having been raped by her stepfather. He really is just a vile creature. When most deemed it a bridge too far, he was one of a handful of Republicans who proudly jumped on the 'legitimate rape' bandwagon when it rolled out. I cannot write about it without losing my shit. If you don't know, look it up. He has made the most awkwardly inapproriate dismissals of women publicly, with no provocation. In 2012, he posted on his Facebook page a comment telling his followers that men are better than women at multi-tasking and women are even worse while on their period. It is beyond my comprehension why any human being would find the need to post that idea. He condemned Natalie Portman for getting pregnant out of wedlock. He picked a fight with Beyoncé saying that she was a bad example for young girls. He clearly gets out of sort when women rise in the ranks of their careers to find the kind of respect he will never achieve.

I had to laugh when he recently told America that only trashy women use bad words. Maybe he really thinks he is in the 50s. Maybe he needs an analyst? He is quite obviously intimidated by women or he wouldn't spend so much of his time trying to define them so negatively and compel them back to an era of accepted subjugation. Thanks, Mike. We've go this. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Maybe no one has ever told you but, you are completely irrelevant. You will never make it through primaries, let alone a general election. That is because of your irrelevance. (And the fact that women are allowed to vote). I know that makes you crazy. Get over it. And go Fuck Yourself. (sorry, was that not lady-like?)

The fact that we have so many insecure men in power is unfortunate. They are an embarrassment to their party and themselves. Although they like to say that the right is not promoting hate of women, nobody from the left has been identified as having such vulgar and debasing ideas. As much as Huckabee is an absolute joke and would never make it through to the general, I kind of hope he gets through the primaries. I sure hope he announces soon, too. Its high time we have him all over every news channel and tell all of Americas women just what he thinks about them. It is very important that they realize what has become of the GOP. I don't think a lot of them know.

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