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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Koch Blockers

It was always fun to make a Boner out of Boehner, but since I've come to understand the Koch brothers, that joy is now lost. Boehner can call himself whatever he wants to. The Kochs, however, have earned the short "o" I attribute to their name. As childish as I surely am, it's so perfectly definitive that I'm sure I'll never call them anything else. Therefore, dear reader, as a solid to me, please hear it properly in your head as you read on. (wink)

I am forever puzzled by these two brothers who have earned my wrath. David and Charles Koch are in their 70s. They don't need to work any more. They have built many successful businesses. They could certainly have filled every mattress in every bed in every bedroom in each of their homes with hundred dollar bills. I can only imagine that every generation of their families for the next millennia will be taken care of. Why do they need to manipulate my country to bend to their will? It is as if their egos combined to create a monster that cannot be stopped.

We have already witnessed how easily they managed to buy a political party and garner a base. They are the masterminds behind the tragedy that is the Tea Party. These two realized the best way to build a party was to promote hateful rhetoric to draw in all of the most vile and ignorant people in the country. Not only will these people never miss an opportunity to vote, but they are also the ones who spend all of their time (ALL of it, apparently) listening to and repeating whatever they are told. Their only agenda is to have justifications for their hate and a group of people to unite with in that hate. Back before the days of the Internet, these were the outcasts of society. These were the ones who had to keep their nasty opinions to themselves because no one would tolerate them.

I consider the Kochs the most evil of men because it was actually their intention to create a party out of these people. The goal was to build these people up, give them a voice and use that voice to fuck up my country. They wanted to make sure that this ignorant base would be counted on to believe everything they were told and not question it. In order to do this they told them everything they wanted to hear: They are patriots. They are intelligent. They are moral. They are hard-working. They are maligned. They are victims of bigotry. The messages only had to convey the superiority of those who had always been outcast and be wrapped in disdain for any who would naturally oppose these new 'truths' they had been offered. And they lined up to join in and finally be a part of something that would accept them for the hateful, ignorant people they had always been and not ask them to be anything more. It was brilliant, really. Goebbels is probably looking up from hell thinking, "Damn. They're good!"

This political movement is deliberately creating and perpetuating much of the discord in America at present. By merely paying attention to the basest needs of their followers, they knew these 'patriots' would then gladly follow wherever they were told. It really is like the rats of the Pied Piper. But instead of moving them away from the people to avoid a plague, they are purposefully incorporating them into our population and plaguing our entire country. Our rats actually believe that they are patriots. They need to do little to define their patriotism beyond vote. Their lazy ignorance can't be expected to do much else. But their party doesn't want more. Because they lack curiosity and maintain only a steadfast belief in absolutely anything they are told by their 'leaders' in politics and 'media,' no amount of reason or fact based exchange will sway them. Our country is literally being driven into the gutter by the leaders of our rats.

Once the Kochs (are you saying it correctly in your head?) built their party, it was easy to get politicians on board. Politicians traditionally lack morality. And these were given an opportunity to have a guaranteed election. That is what the Kochs offered them. In 2012 and 2014 they spent hundreds of millions to build a Congress that would be indebted to them. So they found some political nobodies and offered them a place in our government. We have their brilliant generosity to thank for both Joni Ernst (and her stupid bread bags) and Tom Cotton (the initial of the 47 traitors).

Earlier this year the brothers, through their PAC, Americans for Prosperity, sent a message to all of Congress: They will do what they are told, or else. Of course, they all know what that means. If they were not already in lock-step with the Kochs before now, they have seen what their wealth can do. And they know that they can and will be replaced in the next primary by someone who will do their bidding. And what is it that they would like to make sure Congress accomplishes this session? Per the message from the PAC: Repeal the estate tax, build the XL Pipeline, and get rid of Obamacare. So, basically, they already own the Congress, don't they? They have just commanded them to work only toward the goals that would best represent their interests and send a hefty "fuck you" to the hundreds of millions of Americans who can't afford to buy the assembly. Fabulous.

Our democracy was built on an ideal of creating freedoms which the powerless lacked. These politicians are only indebted to the Koch brothers and those like them, though. The agendas promoted by the Kochs are directly meant to take freedoms from the powerless. They are allowing them to happily rape our environment and seek to divert funds out of programs that were built to care for those who struggle while creating laws and a government that ensures even fewer jobs, thus creating a greater need for those programs.

I do not find it acceptable that business leaders try to be underhanded in attempts to get votes to go their way, but I do expect it these days. The Kochs, however, take that to an unbelievably low level. They are taking advantage of the basest of our population and attempting to create a malignancy of hate and ignorance throughout my country. For profit. And power. Their wealth is immeasurable. It is reported to be $100 Billion or more. They are promising to donate less than 1% of that ($889 Million) to politicians on the right in 2016. What do they need? More money? More power? They will be dead soon. I know that's awful to say, but its true. Why cant they just retire and leave my country the fuck alone?!

It all seems hopeless. After 2012, the Kochs PAC learned a lesson and created a group whose sole responsibility was to find dirt on all Democratic hopefuls for 2014 in all races across the country. I am 100% positive that information exists which could be used as a wake up call to the rest of America about what is going on. There has to be documentation like emails or wire transfers or some really damaging evidence of the deals that have been made between the Koch brothers or their PACs and their favorite 'representatives'. Maybe we will get lucky and an anonymous group will dig up that information and make it public before the general election next year. I realize that the left have always tried to take the high road, but its getting pretty ugly these days. Its time that we fight a little dirtier and find the information necessary to compel America to sit up and think. If they manage to buy the rest of the Congress and the White House, there will be no turning back. Of this I am sure.

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  1. I can't help wondering if they are, in some circuitous way, also behind UKIP on my side of the pond. There are many similarities, including the perverse genius of persuading a significant group of people to persistently vote against their own best interests.