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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Space Between Us

As fascinating as it is to sit and watch the Tea Party continue to self-destruct, it is growing tiresome. Because the loudest of the voices don't see it coming, they are just going along spreading hate and a self-defined superiority that is tragic, but tedious. Only the rest of us can see what they are doing to themselves. A thoughtful group of people can evolve. They can admit their own mistakes and amend their actions or beliefs accordingly. The most intellectually incurious and lazy, however, never have that capacity. I imagine it is too difficult. Or their egos won't allow for their own poor judgment to be acknowledged. Whichever, it is beginning to collapse in on itself, and because I sincerely resent those who mean to do harm to my country, I am enjoying it.

I have been told countless times on Twitter by those identifying as teabaggers that they are only part of a movement and not a party. They will remind me that each group is its own subsection having and upholding its own beliefs. There is a group in New Hampshire who are strictly Libertarian and disavow all of the evangelical ideals which have been added by the most vocal teabaggers; the ones the 2016 nominees are talking to. But what about the others who still identify only as Libertarians? There seem to be a lot of them. They seem to be quite off-put by their party having been hijacked. Who will they vote for? To vote for any of those out stumping right now, they would have to forfeit their entire belief system.

Do the Libertarians even realize the party is now neocon? Do they see the distinctions? Do they realize their once universal and selfish demand of "if it doesn't help me I don't want to pay for it," which used to mean having no interest in foreign affairs and war has now become a complete contradiction of itself? Do those who once supported a woman's right to choose because it was Constitutional mind that it is now being re-interpreted? Also, the Libertarians had a large number of atheists. How do they like having their party which was once aimed at upholding the Constitution, now trying to get the Constitution redefined to mirror the Bible?

I don't know why Boehner and McConnell and the rest of the RINOs in DC allow the Teabaggers to control their agenda. They should be intelligent enough to see that the bulk of Americans are too intelligent to even listen to the morons on the far right. Just because they are loud doesn't mean they are right. Even Koch money won't get a Teabag nominee to the White House. The tide is getting ready to change as their voices are all over the airwaves and televisions and the traditional Republicans begin to hear what has become of their party.

Many of those who were once neocons now identify as Tea Party 'patriots.' Because Rove tried to dismantle the Tea Party in 2012, the talking heads quickly told the followers to have nothing but disdain for GWB, Cheney, Rove, etc. Without question, it was done. These are the people who once thought President Bush was an excellent candidate because he was the kind of person who they would want to have a beer with. They supported him when the rest of America came to realize that he had deliberately taken us into an illegitimate war. They supported him when he neglected an entire section of America when they were hit by a hurricane.

And these are the people who thought Sarah Palin was a fantastic candidate because she had 'spunk.' They championed her credibility even after she clearly showed that she neither had a capacity for understanding geography (really?) nor diplomacy. She had an ego so large that she disrespected her senior on the ticket repeatedly. And for those who cheered on, this made her a 'maverick,' instead of an asshole.

These present day teabaggers are quite convinced of their own superiority in a political landscape and in their capacity to direct policymaking or narrative in the country and define its best means of progressing. You can't finally submit to a place where you think Bush & Co. were ruinous to America and then spend time condemning those of us who knew that all along. This is the arrogance and depth of a constituency who is now convinced that they should be driving our futures.

With such little thought as to whole-heartedly support both Bush and then completely dismiss all that you embraced is curious. Or to allow a neocon movement to now become a contradiction in a Bible-thumping Libertarian party, no one can take anything this group says seriously. None of them realize that their lack of foresight (or their delayed hindsight, for Christ's sake) defines their being unworthy of any political gravitas in future decision making because they have historically, willfully been so incredibly wrong.

The bulk of the present Tea Party movement supported Bush. And supported Palin. Palin quickly became a Tea Party darling and many followed her willingly. The Tea Party movement became a mangled conglomerate of ideas and theologies. To this day followers are reminding themselves (and others) that they have no leadership or clearly defined message. No one in the movement has yet stepped up and claimed to be a leader or attempted to define its platform in a meaningful way which embraces all of the contradictions of its present fellowship. The only thing we know for sure is that these are the same people who all passionately supported President Bush.

America would like to find its way out of the war you supported taking us in to. And we would like to find a way of repairing the myriad of failed policies and (non) attempts at diplomacy that we were left with after the 8 years you were so excited to support. If we are to be thoughtful about the means by which we are to continue as a nation, it would certainly be in the best interests of the country to ask these new 'Patriots' who they would consider the very best candidate for any representational position next year and then, collectively, vote against them.

I guess the primaries will offer us our guidelines. Thanks.

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