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Monday, September 14, 2015

Look At This Face! Carly Fiorina! Look at the TRUTH!

Oh Carly! You train wreck!

This is the new commercial.

LOL. Nevermind the fact that she took Trump down a notch in it. That is great. Whatever. Let us look at the words in her message. Shall we?

Apparently she believes that the Regressives are the party of Women's Suffrage. Huh! Well I think we need to revisit history. Not history from long ago where they try to take credit for Lincoln having been a Republican 150 years ago before the parties switched. Let us go back to this June. K?

THIS LINK will take you to the glories of the woman who they wanted to project to the entire party in June. Carly Fiorina spoke there, too. She didn't condemn Schlafly when she took the stage.

She did, however, say that the policies on the left are bad for women. She thinks the right needs to reclaim the word feminism because it is really about a woman who chooses her own life. She said that Democrats create victims out of women by discussing pay equity and suggests the issue is not discrimination but the pay structures are based on seniority. Spend a quiet moment with that.

Fiorina tells us that todays feminists condemn women who want to stay home with their children. She is still using the same talking points Phyllis Schlafly used in the 70s and 80s to scare people away from the movement. She says the word 'feminism' needs to be taken back because it has become a left-leaning ideology which pits women against men and is used as a political weapon to win elections.

America's women are not remotely interested in having our movement hijacked by anyone who literally prides themself on having defeated the Equal Rights Amendment. And we certainly don't need to waste time considering a woman for President who believes that the present feminist movement is based on victimization and denounces its many supporters. We don't need anyone to run for President who believes it is their job to redefine feminism to meet their narrow ideals and dismiss the many accomplishments of those who came before us. And we will never need someone who took the stage at the same event as Phyllis Schlafly and didn't take the opportunity to condemn her disgusting remarks about the need for inequality between the genders and the submissive roles women should be playing in society.

No thanks, Carly. We like our feminism with empowerment and progress not ridicule and condemnations.


  1. Thank you! I don't know how women can be conservative. I heard that men get more conservative as they age and women get more liberal. I guess that is just an old wives' tale.

  2. Thanks Angie, you nailed it again! I don't know how many followers you have but it can't be enough. Your blogs are always inspiring and to the point and I don't know of a better writer. It makes me so proud that you consider me a friend and I hope that never changes! The only thing missing here is the fact that Carly Fiorina almost bankrupted one of the most successful businesses in the world when she was at HP. That and she fired a slew of workers in the process. Why isn't she bragging about that? She is, after all, the female Donald!

  3. Sorry I couldn't get even a third of the way through that hokum,Same old we are strong, rah rah!! Except, Carly doesn't have s good enough track record for me to even begin to listen to her.

  4. Good stuff Angie. Of course it won't happen, but, I wish Carly would get the GOP nomination. She'd get killed in the General. Oh, & btw: I love the look of the website; its' very, very kool. Makes reading your blog posts all the more appealing. Keep up the good work, you're a damn good writer. Always on point & fact based. I agree with the comment left by Charles Carter, (above), "you should have a GAZILLION twitter Followers.

  5. Phyllis F-ing Schlafly? I'm 64, raised 3 kids (1+twins) while working full time. They went to daycare and also there before and after school when they were older. I had various tech mgmt jobs and my own business for 5+ years. They are all happy professionals now. Schlafly can kiss my butt.