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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dear Media: Your White Trash Chronicle of History

As an observant and intelligent human being, I expect the Regressive Party to fall all over itself in attempts to explain why Trump has been at the top of the polls since he entered the race. Being eternally naive, however, I would expect for the media to have figured it out by now. I have heard every credible news organization (MSNBC you are getting quite close to falling to the other side of that scale) ask itself and its panelists to riddle them through their quandary for over two months now. Not only has the discussion become tiresome, their ignorance has, too.

We are still allowing our media to ask the Regressives to dictate our narrative. We still ask them to tell us why their party are not interested in the politicians they have been force fed. The rest of us can see it. Why does our society have to pretend that we are stumped? I have heard the answer countless times by party 'leaders' who say that their voters are angry with the government and have grown tired of 'politics as usual' to explain their interest in an outsider.

Of course, that outsider is out on the stump unapologetically being a racist while using no dog whistles. He puts women in their place. He tells them that all of society's ails are due to immigrants. If the far right voters are suddenly looking for an outsider who isn't afraid to tell them the exact same things the rest of their politicians have, why do you suppose that is? Let us look at what they have been promised by the Regressive Party just since 2008 when the Tea Party started trending. Let us just focus on the time since racism has become fashionable and acceptable again in our society.

What has pissed the far right off, since 2008, about politics? They are pissed off at THEIR politicians and THEIR 'politics as usual.' They have been promised that they would get rid of that Muslim in the White House. They have been promised that they would get Secretary Clinton indicted for Benghazi. They have been promised that universal healthcare would be reversed. They have been promised that abortion would be outlawed. And that is about all that they have heard. Oh media, my media. Ask yourself this, okay? Why are you so interested in politicians who try to lure voters that literally believe the President is a Muslim and who promise to oust him once they prove he is not really an American? Why are we giving voice to politicians who have had 7 (or is it now 8?) hearings on Benghazi and have yet to find anything? Why would any thoughtful individual continue to reflect on the needs and desires of a base (fucking perfect word) whose intellect allows them to rally to get rid of their own healthcare without noticing the scores of attempts which have been made and the time wasted in doing so? And why are you focused on politicians who promise to get rid of abortion rights without repeatedly reminding your audience that it has been legal for over 40 years. They are promising to come up with ways around a Supreme Court decision based on the Constitution.

The reason their constituents are pissed is because they keep hearing the same promises and see that nothing has been done. None of their promises have been kept. Of course, none of them were even possible. Why not report that?

Let me sum it up for you like this: You have spent nearly 3 months now trying to understand the mood of the people on the right who are confusing you.

Answer: These are the people who started the year identifying with the Tea Party movement which demanded American Exceptionalism and told their members in their mission statement: "By joining the Tea Party, you are taking a stand for our nation. You will be upholding the grand principles set forth in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights." These same people, within six months time have feverishly jumped ship and determined the best leader for America would be a man who not only denied exceptionalism, but announced his candidacy for President by concluding, "The American dream is dead." Then, within two months of that revelation he has determined we need to repeal the 14th Amendment. I guess they don't need to worry about having to uphold Constitutional principles any longer.

This is the very depth of the people you are trying so desperately to understand. You are attributing to them more capacity for reflection, comprehension and introspection than any of them are capable of. You might as well ask a pre-school class to analyze the Iran Nuclear deal. It almost seems unfair to put so much responsibility on them. And it is certainly unfair for the rest of America to spend 3 months listening to you all try to figure it out.

These are the people who call themselves socially conservative but disrespect and disavow the Pope. THE POPE. Traditionally, no public figure has ever been more strict on every single social issue and those on the far right are presently dismissing him altogether because he isn't tough enough. Have a quiet moments reflection on that. These are the people who believe their morality exceeds that of the Pope.

These are the people who rally and raise funds for every police officer who kills an unarmed black person. They raise money for people who want to discriminate against the LGBT community. While they do this they demand that they are being just like Dr. King because they are standing up for their rights. I literally heard this discussion on CNN last night and Jim Sciutto, the anchor filling in for Erin Burnett, was the one posing the question. I have no idea who he is but let me answer it for you easily, moron: The difference is Dr. King was fighting to give rights to people. His civil disobedience was in an effort to make society see those they were allowing to be discriminated against. These assholes who are saying they are being discriminated against because of their religion? Their civil disobedience is in an effort to take away the rights of others. They are literally fighting because they want the right to discriminate against other people. I am embarrassed as a human being that I had to answer that question for the asshole anchoring the 7pm news show on CNN. Honestly. This is our media.

You not only diminish the discourse in America when you spend so much time discussing these people and their interests, you diminish America, itself. While doing this, of course, you embolden them because their power and their unified voice becomes stronger as our focus is directed soley toward them. Close your eyes. Please. Do it. See those people in your mind. You can see them. They are wearing a tshirt with either an eagle or a flag and holding signs which are meant to demean other human beings. At least one word will be misspelled. See them? Right! Those are the Americans you are celebrating. Again, you are complicit in where we find ourselves today.

You are determining what history will remember and how we will be seen as a country. Holy Shit. My great-great-great-great grandbabies will be so confused. If you would just start making strides toward asking thoughtful questions and then seeking intelligent answers we could be on our way to a healthier future. If you could stop giving voices to panelists whose sole agenda is to write our history to meet their narrative, that would be great, too. Your great-great-great-great grandbabies will know that you were actually responsible for our chronicles. Give them something to be proud of.

While focusing on the hype surrounding these candidates, do you feel any responsibility to our chronicle for history of this election? Do you feel any responsibility about the chronicle of the American community and its ideals? Do you feel any responsibility about the chronicle of the truths behind our social environment and the truths about those who attempt to drag us down and pull us back? As such, you are presently glorifying those who are the least among us. You are giving their agenda the spotlight. I had to witness every single news station showing a woman coming out of jail with a triumphant soundtrack of "The Eye of the Tiger." None of the media took the time to specifically counter this properly. I am embarrassed and disgusted! Honestly! Why aren't you? Take a moment with this. Ask yourself what your network, magazine or online media outlet took the time to document today surrounding Mike Huckabee, Kim Davis and their White Trash Agenda. What will our great-great-great-great grandbabies think about us? What did you leave them?

Look at this giddy piece of shit reveling in the attention she (and Mike Huckabee) gets for being a hateful degenerate human being. YOU are giving her that attention. If there had been no coverage and it were just a rally full of other white trash it would not have been such a marked success, you know?

Just. Jesus Christ! I scream it in my head repeatedly. "Jesus Christ!" What do you tell yourselves? Are you proud of your work? This is just one single day. It has been going on for months. For years! Are you proud of your role in our history? Step up before the story can't be rewritten. Step up and deliver actual countenance of a present day narrative filled with facts and reflections you will be glad bore your name. Otherwise, what the fuck are you doing? And why the fuck are we supposed to tune in for you to do it?


  1. Yes this. I'm in my own fever pitch.

  2. Angie, you went everywhere I needed you to go with this article. Thank you. Thanks.

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