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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pinkie Promise Presidency

I have been trying to watch MSNBC this evening to see whats going on today. I have no idea what is happening in the world because they have been sitting with pundits telling us that Donald Trump is going to be coming on soon to give a press conference before offering a speech about his policy proposals. That's exciting, to be sure. I am anxious to hear how he could possibly offer us plans for implementing what have, thus far, been some pretty outlandish ideas. The pundits have been anxious to hear him, too. I'll bet they would just love to have anything new to talk about and leave behind the drama he creates and, thus, attempt to explain his remaining durability as a candidate.

To no one's real surprise, I suppose, we were all let down. Trump assured us that he is going to win the Hispanic vote, he has told us that in the past, prior to and following polls which told us the opposite. He wanted us to know that he is going to win the women's vote because he has respect for women (who, apparently, are not Rosie O'Donnell or in positions to ask him questions he'd rather not answer). He really cares about our health issues and thought Jeb Bush was a dope for the statement he made last week about it not needing so much funding. "The women's health issues, I'm all for that." I can only imagine he meant he is 'all for' funding health care and not 'all for' our having health issues. He concluded by saying, "I cherish women. And I will be great on women's health issues. Believe me."

He is going to 'reign in' China because they have been stealing our jobs. I suppose in Trump's mind we had nothing to do with sending jobs overseas with there having never been laws passed that the Regressive party demanded to enable their corporations to make money hand over fist while leaving the rest of us out to dry.

When asked how he will address the racial tensions in the country today? Simple (because this issue we have been ignoring since the nation was founded really should be a pretty simple answer, no?). Its jobs. And spirit. And cheer leading. Apparently racism will end the day people all have jobs (and leadership who aren't racists, maybe?).

When challenged by a reporter as to how he would implement his plans he told us he isn't going to let the cat out of the bag now. "We will see lots of plans," began a rambling homage to his own business prowess which never actually came back to telling us what those plans were or any means of their implementation. The reporter tried to, again, force Trump to nail down an actual answer by saying, "Now you are just asking people to trust you," to which he replied, "There does have to be a trust." And then he went to Major Garrett to get another safe question.

He gave us a 'Believe me,' a promise of seeing 'lots of plans,' and told us we will be given specifics with numbers in the next two weeks with a final reminder, "Knowing everything I just said is right and you have to be flexible." He then rounded back to the promise that manufacturing jobs will be coming back from China and Mexico. Until he gives specifics, I can only assume he means to use his charm against the leaders of other countries and compel them to hand back these jobs they 'stole' . I'm sure that is the same charm he will use to charge Mexico $100,000 for each immigrant they send over here (you know, the government hand picks them and sneaks them across) while forcing them to build that wall with a door for the 'good ones' which he is sure also exist.

As much as I laugh at the fact that the Regressives have just fallen in love with Trump and he can top the polls no matter what he does or says, it is also incredibly disheartening to realize that I have to share my country with people who are so tragically stupid as to hear this shit come from a potential leader and believe of the seemlingly thousands of candidates out there now, the message from Trump is the most ideal to them. Hopefully that is because the rest of the candidates are pretty much sharing talking points. But I fear its worse than that. I fear that our society has plummeted to a point where those who condemn the left for having too many "Hollywood types" in our party are so easily excited by a man because he had a 'reality' television show. These people are loyal and avid when interviewed. They are so sincere. Nothing that they are saying makes sense, either contextually or rhetorically. It is as if they can hear him give the same messages full of disdain for others and give no ideas for creating the many changes he proposes and they are just willing to take a pinkie promise on their delivery because, gosh darnit, he is famous. And rich.

I don't know. Maybe if we all agree to make a pinkie promise with Trump he can get Mexico and China and racists and misogynists to do the same? It feels like a pretty big risk. Ill have to think about it longer.


  1. I'm proud of you Angie. You just keep on cranking out some very well thought out editorials. You could write for any liberal publication in the country. I know I'm a big fan!

  2. Very true. The Trump is a laughing-stock in any sane society, but in the regressive Party he's a hero. Damn!

  3. Very good article! I couldn't stop reading it till the End! Excellent description of how it's so easy to get frustrated with the Republican Party & the far right fringe these days!

  4. Love the wry humor on this post. I'm posting on facebook.