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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Anchor Baby Agenda

With all of his bluster, the Regressive Party hardly knows which way to focus their attention in order to dismiss their front runner, Donald Trump. He is terrifying them in ways they could have never imagined and, quite frankly, he is wasting billions of dollars and countless hours invested by the Koch brothers and their ilk to redefine what history would call a 'democracy.' I have a feeling, however, that once they find time to take pause on Trumps recent immigration stance, they will be able to at least embrace his assertion that the 14th Amendment needs to be repealed. Please be ready when they change their minds. As with all of their 'revelations,' it will come out of nowhere and the contradictions and historical 'facts' will be mind-boggling. Prepare yourself now to understand its truths so the narrative coming from the right can be quickly and effectively dismantled.

The 14th Amendment was not exactly a reaction to immigration. It was a reaction to those who were forced to immigrate here and when, through the Civil War, they (the men, at least) finally found themselves living here freely, the Constitution was amended to allow them free reign of their own personhood where they had equal rights of citizenship and to the same protections as white men.

Without the 14th Amendment, we would still be living with segregation, too. Although we still have a handful of knuckle-draggers living among us who would like to revisit those days, most of us actually shudder at that idea.

This Amendment was also the guiding principle in the Roe V Wade decision finally allowing women to have ownership of their own bodies and in making their own healthcare decisions.

Just this year the 14th Amendment was cited repeatedly in the Obergefell V Hodges Supreme Court decision where the rights of LGBT citizens were recognized in their own capacity to determine who they can marry.

The 14th Amendment was the clincher in getting public schools to detach from religion, as well. The 1st Amendment guaranteed freedom from a state designation of religion the 14th, the Supreme Court decided, that all levels of the government were bound to the same guidelines.

Please do not forget, my brothers and sisters, not only has the 14th Amendment been necessary in defining those rights listed herein, but it will be necessary in the future to continue to win rights we are still demanding. The ERA, after nearly 100 years, has still not passed. A member of the LGBT community can still be denied a job or fired from a job if their employer condemns their 'lifestyle.' The many rights guaranteed to counter discrimination of minorities in voting, education and employment are still being debated and are repeatedly brought back to the courts for reversal. I also believe that the final nail in the coffin of the bullshit of whom you have to make a wedding cake for will also be determined by the 14th Amendment as it says all rights defined in the 1st Amendment are universal across all levels of government, including state.

It is inconceivable that we live in 2015 and are trying to compel other American's to embrace the lives of those who are new to our country and protect those who were born here. And I can not believe a single human being would insist that we need to get rid of the 14th Amendment.  Yet, here we are. We are still suffering those loudest voices (coming from the dimmest minds) in our society who condemn all of us to bear their hatred and intolerance. They don't seem to be going anywhere so it is our job to have louder voices and point them at the rational people in our society who really don't want to hear it. Each of our presently guaranteed rights which become threatened will convince more of them to start paying attention. Keep telling them until the selfish are finally provoked to see their own lives threatened. It is more important that they do wake up, than why, I suppose.

Do not be surprised when the leadership on the right finally realizes what a jackpot this idea of repealing the 14th Amendment would be to their collective agenda: rid the rights of those who fail to be Straight. White. Christian. Men. SHIT! That is their entire voting block. And be ready to explain what it REALLY means to all of those who believe it is a discussion regarding immigration. If they cannot be bothered to care about these babies, maybe they can care about how far-reaching the implications REALLY are.

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  1. Brilliant as usual Angie! Message me when you feel up to it. I need to talk to you about a couple of ideas I have. Take care and be safe! Your friend, Sonny