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Monday, August 31, 2015

Black Lives Still Matter

The Regressive Party has recently become fixated on their own persecution. These are all persecutions that they imagine and create themselves, but that is no reason not to be consumed with them, I suppose. These profound slights are, of course, only a means of deflecting from their own disgusting voter base and platform while creating a means of redirecting negativity toward the left. It is almost embarrassing how desperate their attempts are. It would be laughable if it weren't so fucking despicable and so dangerous because it keeps diverting attention from things that are sincerely important to not only create their own narrative of persecution, but allow for negative dialogue around things which would require none otherwise.

Those poor sonsofbitches on the right are being persecuted because they have to make cakes for gay weddings. What a glorious way to create drama around a beautiful movement America is finally embracing and create controversies and division out of something no thinking human being would ever even imagine.

In June they compelled Americans to understand that the slaughter of nine human beings in their house of worship was because of their religion. It seemed that the plight of the American Christian had not been acknowledged by society at-large so this was a perfect opportunity to make sure everyone knew. Of course, it was also a perfect opportunity for us to all reflect on how many 'lone wolves' who are always white with mental illness keep killing black people, too. As with the gun rights discussion the Regressives try to avoid, that problem of racism which seems so pervasive on just the one side of the aisle becomes very uncomfortable for them pretty quickly. It probably would've been better to just let them discuss the religion of those murdered in Charleston and ignore their race altogether. Fortunately, America sent back a resounding, "Shut the fuck UP" to that plea.

Last week Michael Brown, the former head of FEMA, determined that the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina would be the perfect day to write an article and go all over the media to tell about how unbelievably maligned he has been and and what a tragedy (his word) it was THAT HE WAS THOUGHT POORLY OF. That was a lot more important, I am sure, than a thoughtful and meaningful reflection on the how's and why's of the actual tragedy or any remembrances of those lost. That little conspiracy theorist deep inside of me keeps saying, "Yeah. I'll bet he was paid to write that and be all over the media that day because the GOP and Bush, especially, don't want us to have any sincere or solemn reflections this close to an election." Although my little voice sometimes goes a little overboard, I'm pretty sure she's right on this one.

Harris County, Texas, Sheriff Ron Hickman held a press conference this weekend to tell us that all lives matter. As the message has not yet made it to the sheriffs ears, I will reply the same way I did three months ago when this talking point was tried: "Yeah? Kindly go fuck yourself."  All lives do not matter when you find it necessary to quickly dismiss an entire movement by insisting all lives matter instead of considering the truth and necessity behind the words BLACK LIVES MATTER. You negate the message when you make your own movement to parody the one created for an important national movement. Do you want to know why? Do you wonder why we have never had a movement that demanded all lives matter? Because, Asshole, that has never been in question. No one in our history has walked around and thought to themselves, "Goddamn, those poor straight white Protestant men. They cannot catch a break. The world seems to beat them down every time they start to make inroads toward progress."

A deputy in his charge was shot and killed by a black man. So far, this is all that anyone knows. But the message the sheriff wants to send us is that the Black Lives Matter movement is hateful and its rhetoric is dangerous. This is the lowest level of diversion I have seen yet. This asshole has determined all by himself that the person who shot this cop had done so solely because the Black Lives Matter movement exists. This assertion is completely based on supposition. They have not found anything to evidence his involvement in the movement, let alone his reasons for having shot the officer. Even though he isn't white, he, too, might be a lone wolf. He, too, might have mental illness (it's not an exclusive condition to white men with guns, you know). You are a disgusting low-life when you hijack the good works and important focus of the movement to promote your own tired agenda.

We know... You were all a lot more comfortable in the world where your power was understood and accepted. That world is gone. Its been gone for a while now. It's time for all of you who can not bring yourselves to embrace the world we have in 2015 to step aside. We are all getting sick of making excuses for you and all of your hate. It is only the hateful rhetoric of the right that is the problem. No national rhetoric has come out around race relations which is dangerous except by those who don't want to allow our progress. We are done with you. Honestly.


  1. Tired of cowtowing to crazies, not going to do it anymore.

  2. You might be the mean progressive Angie but you're also one of the last true journalists I know of. I'm always pleased when I see that you've written something new. I wait until my mind is clear to read your posts. I want you to know something simple and to the point. You're really good! Raise your internal voice and stress each one of those three words and then you'll know exactly how I meant them! Take care and be safe.

  3. Houston Police couldn't wait to politicize this tragedy and attribute the officer's death to a movement that seeks to END violence. And how quick 'justice' was served. When blacks are killed, it takes MONTHS to 'investigate' before deciding the police were justified (snark).

    This past Friday, after a domestic dispute, an unarmed man was basically executed by police in San Antonio. We only know this because of a VIDEO that revealed the attempted deception by police, who were 'afraid for their lives'. No one should be more afraid than a young black man OR woman in this point in time - especially in Texas. Wonder where the outrage over this senseless murder is?

  4. And I forgot to add, Great post Angie <3