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Monday, November 2, 2015

(White) Boys Will Be Boys

Back in the day, growing up in Northeast Ohio, my brother had the same pellet gun that Tamir Rice had. One day, when we were 12, he was playing with my cousins in the parking lot between our family home and family business. They were creating a cops and robbers scene so perfect that, even if Scorsese had filmed it, no one would have believed. It ended with my brother running into the garage and hitting the button for the garage door to come down. As he rounded back to the front of the garage and the door was almost to the ground, he rolled on his back and fired at my cousin. Before the door hit the cement there was a scream from the parking lot. He'd shot my cousin. In the nuts.

My family were well off. My father and grandfather held prominent positions in our small town and were well respected. Even though the neighbor called the police, no charges were filed and no one was held accountable. No one pointed fingers at my parents and blamed them for having raised a child who would play with a toy gun. This was simply a case of boys being boys. My cousin wasn't badly injured and he has his own children now (I feel certain that more than one person has to be asking that question).

While remaining in NE Ohio, fast forward 30 years: We are now an open-carry state where the law requires neither a license nor a registration for firearms. Ohio does, however, have a duty to inform law which requires gun owners to inform law enforcement that they are carrying a weapon immediately upon confrontation. That law, of course, would mean that the person in question would have to be actually carrying a weapon and they would have an opportunity to speak a single word before the officers decided to open fire on them.

We have all seen the video. We saw where a kid was playing with a toy gun and pretending it was real. We have been told that the officers thought he looked older than 12. That is meant to offer absolution to the officer who shot Tamir Rice because his being older would make him a threat. Why? They didn't even talk to him. Not only did they not take the time to determine if he was actually carrying a weapon or how old he was (where if he were the grown man they said he seemed, he may have been legally open carrying a gun), but there was never a determination that he had broken any laws. Ohio allows people to open carry their weapons. He was not in conflict with anyone. He was literally standing there doing NOTHING. And to some, apparently, that is quite enough:

This bullshit comment showed up on my Facebook page today in reaction to the shirt I designed for Black Lives Matter showing dozens of names of people of color murdered. I've heard it all before. This is the shit some white people tell themselves to remain in their little happy world where everything is right and their white supremacy is the standard. I realize that a lot of people don't understand that this is what their subconscious is doing, but I can't allow them that freedom, either. You don't get to rewrite histories or biographies to make yourself feel better. How many people are presently feeling good about themselves saying, "Yeah. Well they were killed because they were criminals or ran their mouth"? How can you not then allow a revelation that neither of those things warrant being murdered?

In America, if you commit a crime you are arrested, given a court hearing and a judge or jury determines your guilt. If found guilty, you are then sentenced. Few crimes warrant death. Asshole.

Running your mouth? Really? Anyone who knows me will tell you that all of my life I have 'run my mouth' giving no consideration to the power or position of its recipient. Fortunately, however, I was white while I was doing it.

She concludes her nonsensical list of reasons to murder people with Tamir Rice and his fake gun. She doesn't expand on her thought process (I generously attribute one to her, which is probably unnecessary) but it seems to tell me that children with fake guns should be murdered without question or due process. Thank goodness my brother had that white skin or who knows what might have happened to him. Cunt.

Apparently, unless a police officer screams the words, "I'm killing you for your blackness," while shooting, there will never be a way to make some people understand. I honestly don't want to share the planet with people who are this shallow, selfish and willfully ignorant. If you have thought things similar to the comment pictured above or nodded your head when someone else was saying these things, I compel you to take this test. If you get to the end of it and do not see the problem with your thinking, you are hopelessly devoid of humanity. But that means my words are of no consequence to you. So I offer you the most abject shame and hope you have little time left in this word with no influence over the next generation.

Honestly, we are settling for this society. Until every rational voice demands coherence out of those who embrace hate and ignorance while completely dismissing lives lost to people of color, we will remain right here. Until our 'leadership' believes that the majority of Americans see the truths behind these killings, they will not do anything. They don't have to. A very precious few of them do anything unless it helps them get reelected. Please stand up. Please shout for justice. Please don't wait for the next innocent child to end up dead for engaging in his childhood. PLEASE.


Thank you.


  1. I already signed the petition. Excellent article Angie.

  2. This is a rediculous comparison. Two kids playing vs police responding to a call of a man pointing a gun at people who then approaches the arriving cruiser and reaches for his waist band. Have fun being the leader of your fantasy world.

    1. Ummm... So it took you 3 tries and 7 minutes to offer your brilliantly misspelled retort. Forgive my inability to consider it remotely credible.

  3. First of all, Tamir Rice did not aim a gun point blank at another person. No one was in danger. No police officer who would have come to my house after having received the same phone call would have known whether or not the gun was real, they would have known that another person had actually been shot. You literally just rewrote the entire scenario to fit your narrative. I never said I am the smartest person in the world or that I should be running it. I do, however, have a superior opinion to yours. It is based on fact not a predeliction to support a narrow belief that I need to hold on to. Dealing in the world that I live in and not the world I would rather live in takes courage and intelligence. You lack both. I am sure that in the grand scheme of things that makes it harder for you to live in this world. And I am very sure that it makes it extremely difficult for those who know you to live with you. I feel sorry for them. Sincerely. You, I have no pity for. Your igorance is ugly and willful. Shame on you.

  4. Jo jo, you are sadly mistaken to think you were actually speaking to a person with intellect, you were not. Angie does not know anything outside of facebook. She does not have the intellegence to conduct any actual research instead she read half ass info and writes stupid "articals" that only she is proud of. Also, she calls everyone white trash because thats exactly what she is. Have you wasted any time viewing her page? The only people that see it are the ones reading through other group topics and regretfully come across hers. It is completely obvious that this skank has no actual life experience out side of running her mouth (which I am very surprised that she has not has her pathetic cunt face smash in, yet). When she has nothing of value to say in response she resorts to her white trash up bringing. Which is probably not her fault, as I am very sure being trashy is her only way of getting attention. As I am sure you have noticed fact(s) is not a word in her vocabulary and only her delusion opinion is what she resorts too. She knows nothing about the streets because in the neighborhood when tamir rice was shot, they would take her white trash ass and run a train on her then whore her out on the streets, putting her vile mouth to use.
    Also, comparing a movie from the early 1980's to todays world is beyond stupid and does not apply to this new realty (which she does not live in, no unicorn flies in to save victims). As she clearly has absolutely no concept of reality.
    And yes, most people already are aware of everything you stated in your comment. Or at least people which do not live in a fantasy world.

    As to you Angie, its ok I already know you will run your trashy mouth and you are certainly free to do so. Keep this in mind, everyone knows a cunt like you. You were probably a bitter teenager that had no friends. Your male family members or father was mostly fucking you, in turned you turned into the high school whore with no self esteem, no integrity and no personality which is why you are a vile cunt now. You must live alone because I cant imagine anyone would want you for anything more than to be their personal whore. You have no class, no style, no originality (your "writing clearly shows this) and no characteristic worth having. As you respond to this, as you are stupid and will, I am done wasting my time with you. You are already an embarrassment to the democrat party and you do not speak for anyone but yourself and the trail park you live in. You do not offend anyone but you do show how genuinely stupid and trashy you really are with all your postings.
    Good luck in your pathetic and miserable life. The world can only hope your child is not as white trash as you are. I am sure anyone which has viewed your terrible facebook site has seen only what one can think is a daughter, probably the result of whore night at your prom.