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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dear Media: Get Your Shit Straight

Yesterday, incompetent media outlets reported that Facebook pages supporting Bernie Sanders were duped by Hillary Clinton supporters by adding posts of child pornography and then reporting the sites for having them up. This, supposedly, precipitated the immediate shut down of several sites. Every story mentioned having had eyewitness accounts to the pornographic material, but none of them documented or cited these accounts.

I happened to have actually witnessed what happend and it had NOTHING to do with any Hillary Clinton supporters. In fact, I know that the person who reported them was offended and wholly mortified by the material on the pages. What they reported having seen were suggestions of assassinating Secretary Clinton and posts suggesting a violent overthrow of the Democratic Convention this summer. The 'revolutionary' idea of overtaking the convention also had a petition ending with a suggestion that they would gladly lie down their lives and, at present (2am EDT 4/27/16), has had 1,429 signatures added.

This is the ACTUAL reply from Facebook after having read the incitement to violence (no mention of pornography, because .. duh).

And this is the petition that started the discussions about how to have a violent overthrow at the convention.

And here is part of a discussion where they were talking about rioting and assassinating Secretary Clinton.

Kindly get your shit straight before trying to add to an already toxic environment created and perpetuated by the radicals of the world, motherfuckers.

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  1. You referred to Ms. Clinton as "Secretary." She no longer holds that title. Please correct.

    1. do you understand that any person who previously held public office is always referred to by their last title. That is why she is referred to as Secretary rather than Senator because Secretary of State was her last title. No problem soon we will be calling her President Clinton

  2. for being a progressive, you're certainly excited to have Hillary Clinton as president. I'm anxious to know, what progressive ideal has she EVER accomplished?

    Sites like this give HIllary a bad name.