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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Yeah. I've rewritten another classic poem. I guess I lack originality but this popped in my head this morning when I saw the petition on the White House website to have POTUS audit the vote. Some absolutely unexplainable information has come out, especially in Wisconsin where some districts registered more votes for President/Vice President than actual voters in the region. (See Info Here).

So read my poem, or don't. But PLEASE sign and share this petition. If he gets 100k requests he has to respond.
Also make sure you verify your signature with the email they send once you sign up.


O POTUS!  My POTUS! Our fearful trip is nigh.
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought belied.
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all imploring,
While follow eyes the steady kneel, the vessel grim is mooring.
                But O heart! Heart! Heart!
                                O the bleeding drops of red,
                                                Where on the deck Liberty lies,
                                                                She’s fallen cold near dead.

O POTUS! My POTUS! Rise up and hear the cheers!
Rise up – for you the flag is flung – to celebrate eight years!
For you a book and library, but first the crowds awaiting.
For you they call, the building mass - Their eager breath is bating.
                Hear POTUS! Our Father!
                                Her heart is in your hands.                          
                                                It is some dream that in the world
                                                                Lady Liberty is dead.

My POTUS, he will answer. His mind is racing still.
My father has the power, he has the wisdom and the will.
The ship is waning in the in the harbor, its voyage near complete.
From fearful trip the victor’s ship may cause her last defeat.
                Audit our votes, and ring O bells!
                                We wait with mournful dread
                                                We watch our future Liberty
                                                            And pray she not be dead.

Kiss Kiss...

Mean Progressive

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