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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Homeless for the Holidays

We are entering the time of giving. From now until the end of December we will be inundated with requests from family and from charities.

I learned about this charity in October and have thought about them every day since. I hope you all will consider them if you are looking to give over the holidays.

This charity is called Southeast Texas Atheists Helping the Homeless. I love that it is an Atheist group. Their work is solely comprised of volunteers and donations. It is the simplest thing you can imagine. They have a wishlist on Amazon (free shipping for if you spend over $35 or if you are a Prime member).

Please consider putting a few things in your shopping cart. Imagine, when you look through the list, that the camping gear you are looking at is not for a great vacation, but for people who actually live outside. Because that is their only choice.


If you can't afford to send them anything, please consider liking them on Facebook and urging your friends to check them out. They will be giving again on December 13th.

Thank you.

Kiss Kiss
Mean Progressive

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