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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

OK(KK). The Flag Isn't A Racist Symbol. My Bad.

People never cease to amaze me. Ever. Over the last month or so, when we have finally had an opportunity to see what kind of damage our repeated and willful tolerance of hate has allowed, many have finally started to accept that we are all a part of it. Of course, many don't admit that at all. They are intent to make the rest of us believe that it is their heritage they are promoting. When reminded that this heritage embodied slavery and treason they deny it with the most absurd retellings of history imaginable.

I wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to explain why the flag is so offensive. I made historical connections to the Confederate flag and the Nazi flag. Many were outraged on the right and I expected that. However, I also had to defend my piece to liberals. It is getting exhasuting, really. I love my brothers and sisters on the left and their beautiful, patient and tolerant hearts. I do. But as lovely as it is to be tolerant of all, there is a time and a place to stop.  And I would say we are there. The argument they give us demands that they are not racists. They are, obviously, promoting hate and you offer them a platform when you don't tell them their hate is unwelcome. Please don't be a part of the problem any more. I beg of you.

Most who didn't already agree with me were not going to be moved by my writing, I suppose. I am a proud Progressive and my bias is obvious so I am easily dismissed, aren't I? No worries. Here. Let them tell you about their heritage.

This quick 3 minute video from The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore should put to rest any debate one wants to offer about a sincere love and respect for the heritage associated with that flag.

Dig how the news caster even opens the piece by telling us about the 'radical' offshoot of the New Black Panther Party and just offers us a casual nod to the KKK. Pardon me Bud, which group is radical?

Kindly just forward this video to the next person who tells you that the flag is not a racist symbol. As long as we choose to be ignorant about the hate in our country, the further we perpetuate its existance. 


  1. Most people, when they hear about the lynchings that happened at the hands of white racists, think all they did was drag them to a tree and hung them. NOTHING could be further than the truth. This is what really happened at these lynchings.

    It's hard to think of anything that was uglier in post-slavery America than lynching. From 1882 to 1964, the archives at Tuskegee University documented that at least 3,445 African Americans were brutally lynched in the United States. While these lynchings are most commonly remembered as hangings from trees, the lynchings in this statistic include men, women, and children who were shot, burned, and beaten to death in every tortuous way imaginable. At its core, to be lynched is not a method of killing, but it is to be murdered without due process.

    What is often overlooked is that police, during the height of lynching, were complicit in most lynchings. In the book Lynching in the New South: Georgia and Virginia, 1880-1930, it was determined that 64 percent of lynching victims in the early 20th century were actually seized from jails.

    Mark Gado, in his gut-wrenching text, Carnival of Death: Lynching in America, drives this point home:

    The actual process of lynching was morbid and incredibly violent. Lynching does not necessarily mean hanging. It often included humiliation, torture, burning, dismemberment and castration. Victims were beaten and whipped, many times in front of large crowds that sometimes numbered in the thousands. Coal tar was frequently used to douse the unfortunate victim prior to setting him afire.

    Onlookers sometimes fired rifles and handguns hundreds of times into the corpse while people cheered and children played during the festivities. Pieces of the corpse were taken by onlookers as souvenirs of the event . Such was the case when James Irwin was lynched on January 31, 1930. Irwin was accused of the murder of a white girl in the town of Ocilla, Georgia. Taken into custody by a rampaging mob, his fingers and toes were cut off, his teeth pulled out by pliers and finally he was castrated. It still wasn't enough. Irwin was then burned alive in front of hundreds of onlookers (Brundage, p. 42). No one was ever punished for this barbaric killing. Black victims were hacked to death, dragged behind cars, burned, beaten, whipped, sometimes shot thousands of times, mutilated; the savagery was astonishing.

    Gado goes on to say:

    Sensational journalism, then the standard of American news reporting, spared the public no detail no matter how horrible. "The Negro was deprived of his ears, fingers and genital parts of his body. He pleaded pitifully for his life while the mutilation was going on...before the body was cool, it was cut to pieces, the bones crushed into small bits...the Negro's heart was cut into several pieces, as was also his liver...small pieces of bones went for 25 cents..." (The Springfield Weekly Republican, April 28, 1899). This was an actual description of the lynching of one Sam Holt, accused murderer, who was burned at the stake in Newman, Georgia in April, 1899. Graphic accounts like this were in abundance throughout the South. They served both white and black purposes by adding to the psychological suffering of the African American and empowered the white man to do more.

  2. " I love my brothers and sisters on the left and their beautiful, patient and tolerant hearts. I do. But as lovely as it is to be tolerant of all, there is a time and a place to stop. "

    I love that quote. It sums up how I often feel about my peers on the left. Now lets apply that to Islam, the Palestinians, the Saudis and and the hordes of religious fanatic everywhere shall we. They are no different than the racists in our own ranks. I can't tell you how often I have to explain to my liberal peers that these religions live teach and promote intolerance and misogyny. When I point out the history and the facts they treat me as though I have some kind of phobia. I love my brothers and sisters on the left and their beautiful, patient and tolerant hearts but you can't always coexist with people who want you dead, or at least under their thumb!

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